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lol it's pretty common knowledge that they lowered the rate. I'd love to see how profitable EME is since the game has went full on f2p and p2win. I bet their profit margins are amazing.
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I don't agree with unranked 3's but I definitely think we should be able to Q into arena with only 2 people. We were able to do it in the past and when they came out with solo Q they took it away. I don't think Q'n with 2 people is unfair considering you still get that 1 random person who is going to be a baddie.
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So is quick good or not for pvp. =o
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So Swift >keen

for slayer anyway.
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I just spent 40 bucks and got nothing as well. I'll never buy emp again lol. It's so dumb to spend money on this [filtered] only to get nothing. It wouldn't even be so bad if they put something else in the box instead of stupid [filtered] crystals. Even semi enigs would have been nice. It's such a slap in the face and all of our qq only going to fall on deaf ears because at the end of the day they make so much money off of stupid people like us who buy it.

I won't do it again. I can't wait until a new mmo comes out.
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This will never make sense to me for the simple fact that you can reach lvl cap in less than 5 days. Tera is easy to lvl in and you don't need +9 gear to do it. Everytime I level'd a char I got a gold or blue weapon and +6 it and went on my merry way.

ezpz. Problem is not the game but the player.
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lol warrior is one of the best classes in the game........... I'd say it's debateable between war and lancer.
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TwilightAngel09 on 09/13/2013, 06:51 AM - view
Huh? I didnt know you can buy the armor off the Cash shop?

He is obviously talking about selling EMP for gold. Which is why this game is pay to win considering gold gets you pretty much everything in this game.

also I'm in same boat as you op. I have a lot of gold saved up but there is almost zero gold coming in at this point. People say do dailies and sell mes lol. Do you realize how expensive stuff is? it will take forever to obtain enough gold to buy anything of meaning from doing some dam dailies lol.

Money making in this game is HORRIBLE.
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That argument doesn't even matter. It's not difficult to have casual dungeons such as KN20 and every dungeon in this new patch while still having a couple of dungeons that actually have difficulty. You can cater to both groups.
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At this point most people should be MW'd already. Unless you just started the game last week. KN20 is easy and the gear is easy to MW there is no excuse. The only other thing bluehole could do is mail everyone mw'd gear.