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I have a lot of problems using my chain skills on Archer, most notably Final Salvo and Rapid Fire.
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No, they are not all closed. There are still plenty of Vanarch shops still open
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Are you stupid or something? If you take 2 seconds to look around in game, you would realize that a vast majority of the shops are still open. Besides, it would make sense for them to be closed when there is no Vanarch. They are VANARCH SPECIALTY SHOPS. No Vanarch= no shops. Be grateful that they enabled them for as long as they did.
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I've tried a shorter message within the 200 character limit and it still doesnt work
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Sooooooo. how about we get the registration working now Enmasse? No one on my server can register
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Yeah, all of the major guild leaders in Frost Reach are just crowding the counter and complaining. What gives?
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Frost Reach is pretty mild and not overcrowded. Aside from the LFG chat, the attitude of all players is pretty solid. Sadly there isn't much RP in this server
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The moment you hit apply, it does nothing at all. Any fix coming soon for this?
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Wasn't Kelsaik's Nest readjusted for our version? If memory serves, I thought it was made to be more difficult than KTera. I've seen KTera vids of the fight and it does not compare to how crazy ours is
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Gifthorse from FFXIV? Yeah, i know who he was. Aside from Belgian Rofl, he was the worst troll on those forums when I was still there. Don't take this guy seriously if he compares to them
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