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Also on the topic of North America being more popular, I'd like to remind folks of this report that said TERA made nearly 60% of it's January revenue from the Western market.
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Ricp on 05/21/2015, 04:43 AM - view
Nope, I've been playing for a couple of years and I have probably seen a GM talk in global like two times, I've reported dozens of a-holes and none of them have gotten banned.

Enmasse staff probably spends most of their time using midgets to play darts not taking care of the community.

They don't have much time to be shouting in global because they're busy a)reading it, and b)helping players with issues. Typically if you shout for a GM in chat that you need help with something, they'll whisper you. Or at least it used to be like that where they'd have in game GMs on quite a bit, I haven't played much lately since I've been a bit busy.

counterpoint on 05/21/2015, 07:08 AM
Well, "fault" in the sense that the original lore was "wait, how do they reproduce anyway?" Basically, there was no lore to it until they were asked the question, and then they came up with a lore that made more sense. It wasn't really some grand design, but the original structure was more of an afterthought.

(Perhaps it also says something in a different way that North Americans were the ones to ask this question when even the designers didn't think about it... lol )

It says something about how Koreans think of MMORPG's compared to us. Lore is an after thought and here, games are built from the beginning with the lore in mind.
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Aw man apparently the Wayback Machine doesn't work on the The really old ones haha. Also @ Cheg:


Downloader on 05/19/2015, 03:23 PM
So nostalgic look at old TERA homepage. I came from Arachnaea server, and you guys?

MMO-FO made me laugh so hard now, even i'm sick now!
Thanks! ^^

Basilisk Crag over here! Then got merged into MT a few months later.
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Elin animation speed is noticeably faster actually. You can of course succeed with a number of the races so choice isn't a huge issue, but I very clearly remember race switching to Elin after playing Castanic Priest for over a year and it was crazy.

OP - play what you want as long as it's not Baraka or Aman. :D And personally I don't like High Elf either.
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Here's mine:

Bottom left bar:
1-5, Q, E, R, Alt + Q, Alt +E, Alt +R, `

Top left bar:
Alt +1-5, Middle Mouse button, Numpad 1, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6 (Numpad is my Naga Hex, hence the strange sequence).

Top right Bar:

And the three other buttons are Left Click, Right Click, and Tab (I like Tab better than C because the game launched with this button being Tab so I got used to it).

Since I'm using some of the default keybinds for other in game actions, they need to be rebound. C is rebound to Character Profile, T to reply whisper, V to quick mark.I think that's it?

As for what skills to use where, I reserve mouse button keys (Middle Mouse, Naga Numpad 1-6, Left Click, Right click) for some of the more important, often used skills that need to be accessed quickly. 1-5 are also important but lower on the priority list. But I also have the same types of skills on the same keys in every game so my fingers get used to it and it makes hitting any keybind a lot easier since it's just muscle memory at that point. So Right click and Q for escapes (and they are right where your hands are resting anyway so you don't have to reach far to get them). ` charge ups since it's easy to hold down with my pinky, etc. E and R I chain so I can get the quick cast KD without accidentally jumping. I would advise individually keybinding every buff (they're on F8-F12 for me) because there are times you only want to buff certain one(s) so you need to be able to pick just those - especially if a teammate needs to run back into the fight quickly, or one or both of you are under attack, etc. - you can't afford to sit there and buff everything and nobody is going to wait for you to do that. Those keys are easy to use for me with left hand on WASD in case I need to move and right hand on the buffs.
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Castanic is fine, no worries.
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My friends are always on the same sever as am I. I don't understand why they wouldn't be.
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Zoknahal on 05/06/2015, 09:06 PM - view
Ohh look at this, trying to bring something that happened more than 2 years ago? For your info, En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole Studios didn't even existed when Lineage 3 was being developed. Ncsoft filed a Lawsuit about this to prevent the launch of TERA in North America, but in the end, EME and BHS were found innocent. Is funny to read documents like those, is on the internet btw, that lawsuit is so damn easy to read, it makes you think NcSoft hired a cheap lawyer to make it, even being a multilillionarie company capable of hiring some more expensive lawyer.

Heh no the firm that NCSoft hired was anything but cheap. Either way, this entire topic is as you said, definitely irrelevant. It's all over, TERA is still here, and NCSoft is pumping out [filtered] games like Wildstar instead of the one everyone actually wants to play.
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Animedude5555 on 05/06/2015, 04:34 PM - view
When Enmasse got a hold of the game from the Korean company, they made some changes to the client software. Those changes involved only 2 things as far as I know.
Change 1) Translate Korean language text in the game's interface to English.
Change 2) Replace the Korean Elin starting costumes with less skimpy versions.

They made a lot more changes than that. Some have been reverted back to how KTERA has it, but when the game first came out we had a much more Westernized version of TERA. But we still don't have exactly what they do. For one thing KTERA doesn't have PvP and PvE servers and their Outlaw skill functions differently, aside from the fact that it isn't available until max level. I'm sure there are other differences I can't think of right now.
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Two Priests, both partially group leveled and the few solo levels I did sucked. My Mystic I think was entirely solo leveled before they got the buffs and I had a second Mystic I solo leveled to 45 before deleting it to make space for other toons.

Edit: Also timeframe is important here. All of these characters were leveled in either 2012 or first half of 2013 so... it was a bit different than it is now. ;P
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