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Thanks :) I appreciate all your feedback.
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Have they made it easier/or/faster to level now?
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Before I stopped playing, I mainly used my Warrior and I had a lot of fun with him until I got to my 40s. Because I don't live in the U.S (Australia), I'm finding it really difficult to play Warrior well, so most of my enjoyment has gone from it (especially in PvP).

I was considering levelling up my Archer that's around level 10 - 11, but I've found going through the same zones and same quests to be extremely boring.

Any ideas on how I can stay interested while levelling a new character?

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missymiss on 01/14/2013, 06:39 AM - view
Liamface on 01/13/2013, 10:40 PM
Is there any important reason to not let people transfer between PvP and PvE servers?

Why can't I transfer from a PvP server to a PvE server?
Currently players are unable to transfer their characters from a PvP server to a PvE server because the PvP Outlaw quest and skill, along with infamy points, will move with the player.

We are working to get certain checks in place to change this and make transfering from PvP to PvE an option. Subscribe to this FAQ to be updated when changes are made.

They've been working on it. Patience. Use the tera dev tracker to see proof. No dev has said "NO" to this yet, just "not yet".

Thanks for help, I actually had no idea they posted something about it or that they had made an FAQ page for it. All I read was that it was unavailable to server transfer so I assumed they had some sort of control over it.

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I would consider playing this game again and even subscribing if it's still an option after F2P if they give us our own servers.
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Is there any important reason to not let people transfer between PvP and PvE servers?

Besides that, why not take advantage for transfers and charge for it?

The only issue I can see is that people might prefer to level on PvE servers and then switch to PvP servers.. but on games that have PvP/PvE differences, I haven't ever heard of people doing that.

If that's too much of a problem though, why not hold certain random periods of time where people can pay for a transfer.. so there's more control over the transfers.

Just an idea, I know I'd like to be able to transfer over to a PvP server instead of having to make a new character.. I mean I guess some people really enjoy going through the same content again and again, but I don't!
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Voting in favour!
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+1 :) Agreed
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'We as a community don't know where this game is going'

What happened to developers actually making a game.. and then players giving feedback AFTERWARDS?

I like being surprised.. and you sound like a control freak.
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Tonbbery on 03/09/2012, 07:32 AM - view
@Enso: No, less armor =/= more distraction. The appeal of a partially/fully nude character lasts about 10min. After that it's all busies, for many. But i suppose you do have the select few who never get over it, tough luck for them.

This is a MMO with a main selling point of AMAZING VISUALS, decent combat, and 90% of the gaem stays behind the curtains, as it has little selling value. If you turf the eye candy you are left selling a rock's to the mountain, you will not get far.

It's not turning it off.. but giving people a choice =\

Why are so many people opposed to small things people can CHOOSE to do.

No one is forcing you to cover up your character!! But we should be allowed to if we want to.

If I want my male character half naked then I think I should be able to toggle his armour, just like if I want my female character to be covered up I should be able to do it (and vice versa but the only half naked males I see are Castanics -- but every female I see is at least half naked.. no matter what race)

OP's idea is to toggle armour at your own choice..