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Guildwars 2 will be just like playing games like battlefield 3. Sure they are fun and all, but they grow old fast if played too much. So, its just something you throw in to the game rotation so you don't grow bored of it.

With GW2, the more and more i learned at first, the more hyped i got for it. Then, once they "oh shiny" wore off, the more and more i learned about it, the less and less i was looking forward to it. Now, its just kinda like meh, just another tab target game, just like the rest of them.

Now, Planetside 2 is the game I'm looking forward to. 300+ people battles 24/7? yes please!
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The game will always have "economy" issues because, there is no economy. Items only enter the market, and they do not leave the market, unless they are enchant fodder but then you never use your best stuff for that. Problems will always be had in systems that do not have a good Item sink.
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Players don't NEED to know exactly how everything works. Its called Testing, it will help you understand the stats better.
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Kiluvian on 2012-02-20 07:46:13 UTC
Even WoW has too much inflation now... not that I ever played that worthless game for more than a week.

Welcome to games that have no real Economy. Items never leave the market once they have entered. Not even quite sure why crafting is in the game, baring potion making. All your Gold will become useless at some point in your game play, so no worrys ;p
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ermorden on 2012-02-20 02:46:45 UTC

I think the idea could be expanded a bit more. I like the idea of guilds electing whether or not they want to participate in GvG activities, but it should be something very expensive that you can BUY to participate in GvG (or.. dare I say..craft), and if you no longer want to GvG, you'd have to surrender resources in a big way. Risk, reward, meaning, etc.

no no no, If it is changeable, then it defeats the whole thing of Consensual PvP. 'Cause Carebear A could sign up on a PvE clan. Guild Leader douche bag A, says, "Im going to buy GvG ticket!". Now when Carebear A signs on, he is now thrust in to a GvG war he did not consent to.
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One way to go about it. Upon Creation of a guild, One of the options for it is a GvG Flag. If you choose to Flag your guild, it will be able to take part in GvG. Once this flag is set, it can not be changed, at all, ever. Then the system will work just like the PvP servers for the GvG flaged guilds. So by simply joining that guild you consent to GvG at any time. Then Guilds that never want to GvG will never even have to touch the system.

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All you have to do is look to AoC's release, and their PvP servers. They were a FFA rule set as well with no penalty. Guess what, all their PvP servers were dead inside 3 months of release.
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See the one thing Most people are forgetting about is, GvG. THAT is where you will get the most meaningful and fun OWpvp. The current outlaw system on the other hand is crap without any penalty and only favors gankers, Not PvP'ers. PvP'ers want Good fights, not 10v1 ganks.

So you lowbie gankers can go back to wow, where you can carebear pvp it up all ya want, cause at least carebears are better then you.
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Its called fail site is fail. Focused Shot is Penetrating Shot. Focused is the Korean to English translation, Penetrating is what its called in the NA version.
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here is the patch notes.

Steparu translated it for us. And it will take longer then you think it will to localize something. Its not a fast process.