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My first MMO was Maple Story... The only reason why I liked it is because everyone @ my school was playing it way back when and level 30 meant you were a pro. I guess I liked the grinding style type of games back in the day because being a high level and an uncommon class "Page/WK" gave you a sense of pride of being good at the game.
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So if you guys haven't heard. The release date for the new cpus have been leaked with the prices as well except for the AMD Trinity Chips.,2817,2402625,00.asp

Core i7-3770 (3.4GHz, 3.9GHz w/Turbo Boost, 8MB L3 Cache, 77W): $294

AMD Trinity Specs.
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Hello welcome to the TERA forums!

I like your Elin fan art :D

Elin Warriors are the best.
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Welcome to the TERA forums!

Yea and I'm a hockey fan too, but my home town team the Leafs.. WTF happened :|

Let's go Blue Jays... *cough*
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Welcome to the Tera forum, and you're the first person with a proper heart in their post.
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Yea, birgirpall is a skilled player because he can pull those moves off. I can say I enjoy watching but playing it might be hard because I'll probably be rusty as hell.
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Gorran on 03/30/2012, 06:26 PM - view
It was definetly about Battlefield.

What do You mean because of CS? How can You grow out of fps? This is filtered.

You play it a lot then you slowly get bored of it over time. Then you just shed it off like an old piece of skin more or less. I used to play a lot of FPS CS was my main one, but after that I played a couple and they're not really that interesting to me anymore. It's just point click reload, throw something.
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No, Pride means TERA.

I own BF3 but haven't played it yet. I just I grew out of FPS games because of CS 1.6
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Character creation:

Teaser/Game play:

This game looks great, and also you can play it on your PC, smartphone, and PSVita. It's F2P but probably have a cash shop. It's currently in Beta in Japan and will be released this summer in Japan. North American release is TBA.
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Hello Pride /o\

I see you're a pvp lover, I use to be in WoW, but sadly my highest rating was earning the "Challenger" title lol.

I dance ballet for 2 months and I'm a dude, but it did help me with my balance and pose problems.

What race/class will you be playing?