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Elin. I always slay them.

Wait, what?

Seriously though, Popori Slayer. They use their swords like a freaking pole vault when dodging.
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I'd go with the Castanic voice, it has a lot of personality to it.
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During raids with large parties, I think priests have it pretty bad.
Micromanaging 5+ health bars as they dart around like they're on fire is hard enough when you're constantly healing/buffing/shielding & dispelling causing mana drainage and you have to ration like it's WWII.

Two dying squishy DPS on opposite sides? Pick one to save. When the other one dies, guess who's at fault?

Tank is low and can't withstand the next attack without dying while your DPS is stunned and caught in a bad spot. Do you:
A. Heal->Shield the tank, potentially leaving the DPS to die if you can't get their fast enough.
B. Debuff the DPS and hope to god you can get to the tank before it's too late.
C. Drop a restorative burst on the tank with the generous prospect that it'll be enough then quickly go deal with the slayer
D. Reroll as Archer so you don't have to deal with this bull[filtered]
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Hi there, I'm a returning player LF a friendly, active guild.
I got most of my basic stuff with what little money I had and am now ilvl 148. (Got all my glyphs/crystals etc.)
So many things have changed since I last played so I'm really lost. A guild that can help me with gear and
such would be greatly appreciated. (No handouts, just nexusing/dungeoning together for better gear, things like that.)
I have Teamspeak and a mic so if your guild is heavy on communication, great! I'm there.

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I'm a level 49 Priest on Tempest Reach. Me and a couple of friends played TERA when it came out,
but they quit around level 40 so I had to solo to 49. :c

With the population of TERA dwindling over the past months, it's getting more and more difficult to find parties to complete dungeons/BAM quests.

Guilds are filled with inactives/60's too busy with endgame content.
Matchmaking and LFG are a lost cause that yield no result.

I'm at the end of my rope. I really like this game but it's becoming unplayable because I have to solo everything which is no fun.

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Okay I'll set the record straight.

The game is COMPLETELY F2P.
There is no initial purchase necessary - just download and play.
Elite and Founder status merely grants a few perks and bonuses not critical for playing the game.

The game is huge and will be going free in February. The exact date has not been revealed.

Next time just do a little research before asking the forums because everything you needed to know can be found in the FAQ:

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Slubber on 01/16/2013, 02:46 AM - view
Don't get too excited, Knoxxer has not confirmed or denied P2W yet. Could all come crashing down soon.

This is what I'm afraid of.
Therefore I said I'd be "making another go".
As in, I'll give it a chance.

The excitement is mostly just my pleasure at En Masse's actual response to the plea of those who stated TERA's outstanding flaws at the time.
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Now, now, I know what you're all thinking.
"Who are you and why should we care again?"

Well, I don't expect anyone to care, this post isn't about me.
It's about all the positive changes TERA has been making and my feelings as a player who felt TERA, in all its hype, had been lost upon release.

It's about how I, the most critical part of TERA as an MMORPG, a player, will be making a return thanks to the effort En Masse has made to acknowledge those who left and why.

We said:

- The game is incredibly bugged. Glitches are everywhere - we need fixes!
- There are too many servers. The community is spread too thin - we need a merge!
- TERA is a great game, but the MMO market has changed - we should not have to pay!

I was one of those people.

And now:

The game, once riddled with bugs and glitches, has made major improvement since release.
The servers have been merged at our request. No more ghost-town zones!
The game goes F2P with an ACTUALLY fair payment model for those who want the extra perks!

I can't wait to return to my friends who still play,
they're just as excited as I am that I'm returning.
The best part is, now my friends who did not want to play due to the payment model can join us too. ^^
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What is it like on the EU Servers?
Can't be anything worse than the NA servers.

There are at least a couple hundred online at one time on a good day,
but servers like Serpentis Isle are usually barren and empty everywhere you look. (besides endgame.)

You'll find the odd 1 or 2 people every 15 minutes on more populated servers such as Dragonfall and Valley of Titans, but queue times are still quite lengthy.
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To be honest, these are all pretty "Meh" complaints.
Priests are NOT able to DPS more than an Archer...

Priests have a stronger burst combo, but that's all they have in terms of DPS at all.
Archers can burst and sustain with a wider variety of crowd control.

Priests have multiple ways of healing, so even if your team is spread out,
there are enough methods of pulling it off no problem.