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Slayer's Jaw Buster
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Commodoro on 09/04/2014, 05:00 PM - view
Man if that information is true you answered all my questions!
Bah, way over my expectations. Very precise. Thank you so much!

Can you tell me where you got this information?
Was it on patch notes, korean forums or your own experience playing there?

Patch notes don't usually include that kind of specific information. There's an in-depth experiment that has been done by a player with all the skills from the DPS classes on Inven site where we Korean users hang out and share info. His experiment shows the damage increase as well as the damage output number in terms of both PVE and PVP.

Alternatively, shows the list of skills for every class.

Clicking on one of the skills will take you to another page that fully lists the upgrades the skill gains per certain levels so that you can compare and calculate the increase in the base damage.

e.g. slayer's tier 10 "whirlwind" has 2589 base damage learned at lvl 56
to tier 11 "whirlwind" that has 4023 base damage at lvl 63 which is about a 55% increase
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FlippleDorp on 09/04/2014, 03:53 PM - view
So there isn't even +13/14/15 stats?

No extra options but the attack modifier that increases are not comparable to the same algorithm that follows from 0~+12 as it's significantly higher and the number goes well over a thousand.
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The current Korean server DPS rank, with the assumption of the players with equalized gear with similar level of character controlling skills it goes like this:

Berserker > Slayer > Warrior > Sorcerer > Reaper > Archer

The following applies to the main DPS rotation skills that have been upgraded as you go past lvl 60 and are based on the skill's base damage increase from <60 to >60:

Berserker skills received 37%~55% (mostly 55%) increase in terms of damage that scaled from lvl 60 to 65.

Slayer skills received from 37%~55% (mostly 55%) with "fury strike" gaining 100% increase in damage.

Lancer skills received 55% increase in damage.

Sorcerer received 37%~55% with just "hail storm" that received about 20% increase.

(this is a tedious process...)

Warrior received 37%~55% with just "combatitive strike receiving a 20% increase"

Archer and Reaper on the other hand, received only about 20%~37% increase in their burst damage (main DPS) skills.
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이름 부터 한국 사람 티가 나는 분들도 많이 계셔요. 심지어는 관리자들 중 Minea라는 분도 한국분이시고요 ㅋㅋ.
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This reminds me of back when I was playing B**** & S***, the female characters got a fancy looking angel outfit like this:

So a lot of players with male characters complained that it's always the female avatars that gets treated with new outfits.

So the developers responded by releasing another set of outfits specifically for male characters on the first day of april:

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I had a newly generated character equip a costume and then placed the soul-bound costume into the bank before deleting it and made a new character with the same name. Apparently, I wasn't able to equip it back even with the same character name.
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BrofessorX on 08/29/2014, 01:13 PM - view
ok thats IT ! i have had ENOUGH of this rng.
its been over 60 runs of gillglades and i still have NOt gotten a full escutcheon set.
i keep getting the necklace on my alts but NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR my main.
this is simply stupid.
make them tradeable on the same account through bank.
or you know what, just erase that set all together lets all tanks go with the dps setup
, what a joke.

There was this guy over on Korean server who had been farming for escutcheon necklace for his lancer since the day the ghilliglade was first introduced. He finally got it during the week the 65 patch rolled in... so it can go pretty bad but I wish you luck.
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Tzukishiro on 08/19/2014, 06:06 PM
I know they patched it not a long time ago, but really... that was very useless... Sure, they don't kill you in 1 hit, they kill you in 0.9 periodic hits!

I really think they should find a way to make human teams get an actual chance, like for instance, make it so kumas can't block the ship. I've lost many times because the kumas just block the entrance to the ships the entire game... There is little to nothing you can do. Kill him? Sure, not that easy when you have that kuma, and sometimes other two spamming skills that kill you like a fly.
I know it's not impossible, as I have won as a human many times, but still... is almost a miracle, even with good teams, where we communicate and get good strategies is just impossible.

So, that... I really hope they find a way to make it easier for humans... not baby easy, that's not fun, but if someone says it's balanced... Then we'd know who's only played as a Kuma xD

It has already been patched in Korean version that allows the carriers to be able to use their skills once they're on the bridge by the ship so that they can bypass(evasive maneuvers) the kumas blocking the way.

I thought the same update would arrive with the recent corsair's stronghold update but I guess it is further due.
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At its current state, the only possible gear that can be awakened are the top PVE and PVP equipments.

The new VM PVE set and the new VM PVP (weapon has the same hammer strike effect) set.