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Does everyone in the party get it or you have to roll for it?
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Signed. (To keep enchanting system the same)

I failed many many times to get my stuff to +9. After 2 months, I still have T12 only shoes +9, everything else +8. Do I mini rage every time I fail? Sure.

Do I think it needs to be changed? No, I don't. In my opinion, the system is fine as it is. What I would do, however, is lower the price of refined alkahest.

People will never be satisfied. For example, a common suggestion is to change enchantment so that you can work hard to get some item that will give you 100% enchant rate. Its a nice idea, I think. But then people will complain that its too much of a grind. Petition will pop up to eliminate the grind. Soon enchanting will be 100%, no matter what. Where's the fun in that?

We need to take a look at the overarching problem, that this community is full of elitest douchebags. If you don't have a certain gear level, you get kicked. Its not all about gear level. I've seen people fail so badly with top gear because they suck at playing. IMO, we need to stop focusing so much on gear, and start focusing more on becoming better players and better people. +9 or +12 gear doesn't guarantee success in hard modes. Nor does +6, 7, 8 guarantee failure.
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Just FYI, only Sorc's Mana Infusion works through combat. Priest's does not. Its the same as Mystic.
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Yeah. Korea needs to get cracking on those fancy skins. I need my fix.
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If everyone could find a static group, we wouldn't have any need for the Instance Matcher System, now would we?
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Regpuppy on 07/23/2012, 06:30 AM - view
Honestly, if it's a one or two times a day sort of thing, sure. But something about a non-risk version of hardmode that you can spam all day just doesn't sit right with me. Drops or not.

What's the harm in it? Personally, I think its a great idea. I doubt anyone is going to do it more than necessary since you don't get drops. I think it'll help not just hard mode FoK and BT, but also Temple of Temerity, because DPS can get practice soloing the bosses.
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rocdog on 07/20/2012, 07:28 AM - view
It's a silly question. Why do people get into fist fights at Little League games?

I'm sorry, I thought this was America!
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I don't see anything special. o.o
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You can explain a bit how the craftable T14 works? Its this one right?

Is it PvP gear? Do you upgrade the Nexus one from 13-14? Looking for some details on this.
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Petition for making all armor eligible as templates.