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I think that rating was based on the assumption that the Warrior would be tanking. Glyphs and crystals are important, sure, but if you're having that much difficulty all the time, the issue is probably more fundamental.

I don't think there's an issue here. You play leather and Warrior's HP isn't exactly the highest either. I have a 45 Slayer alt and I run into the same stuff. If I mistime a dodge on a big attack, I get owned. I think its just a design of the game.
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I think a lot of people also don't realize that Mystic's Arun's Vitae (red ball) is also cleansing. Since Mystic's lock on cleanse is limited (correct me if I'm wrong) to two targets, if you are debuffed and near one, just pick it up to cleanse yourself so the Mystic can focus on another party member who may not be near a mote.
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Retsopmi on 06/07/2012, 08:19 AM - view
The reason they can't be banked is a simple one. ALL of your characters can earn them. What is a bigger loss, 3 slots on an individual character or 24 slots of bank space?

A valid point but what percentage of players do you think are going to gather mining, plants, AND essence to 300 on more than one character? My guess is a very small percentage.
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In a perfect game, sure. But this is a minor thing on the large scale of things and would require too much time. In short, there's not enough return on investment to implement something like this.
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Bringer on 06/07/2012, 07:58 AM - view
Just let us put them in the regular bank, they are all bound. I can put my other bound cosmetic items back in the bank

This. It doesn't make sense that we can't put them in the bank. The premium skins can be placed in the bank, but are marked soulbound so other characters cannot equip them. The only difference is that the premium skins have to be equipped before they are soulbound but I see no reason why the gather rewards can't be automatically marked soulbound as soon as you accept them from the mail.
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xRain on 06/07/2012, 07:46 AM - view
They should have a 'Say' fix for their town NPCs. They're just as bad as LFG spammers.


Scythera Fae is especially bad with this.
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Yes, 42.

Also, just a quick correction, the story quest for CR is at 37, not 38.
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bob1214 on 06/06/2012, 06:16 PM - view
We need an impeach ability, so useless Vanarch who have raised taxes to 3 times the rest of the provinces can be deposed.

Don't kid yourself about not being re-elected, there aren't enough candidates to rule out not being re-elected. In a continent with 5 provinces if only 4 people run, everyone will get elected. On Freeholds, he have a vanarch who is imposing 15% taxes and rising. Everyone else is 3-4%. This person has opened nothing and put zero effort into anything in the province.

I'm also on Freeholds and there is merit to this post. We have provinces currently that do not have a vanarch at all. The problem is, on some servers, there are not enough guilds running to make it competitive like a real political system should be. The chances of these terrible vanarchs being reelected are greatly increased. The other vanarchs who are doing a good job will want to keep their current provinces. That only leaves up and coming guilds to run against the terrible ones.

I suppose this is an issue that will be fixed with time, as more and more guilds get strong enough to be able to run for vanarch. Until then, we'll just have to suck it up and go to another province for our needs. Or maybe EME should consider lessening the conditions to run.
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The change has affected different servers in different ways. On Freeholds, I never noticed any problem with people spamming for groups. In fact, there was so much mindless chatter going on, people might post a couple messages to LFG but soon gave up after it was buried in chat.

The mindless chatter was lessened for exactly one day after the change was implemented. After that, it went back exactly as before.

For those servers where people were spamming "LFG SM" every 5 seconds, this was probably a very welcome change. But for those of us who are annoyed with the amount of mindless chatter that goes on in LFG, this "fix" has done nothing at all.
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I know this is about Castanic males and not Elves but...

Me and Elleon. We have a bromance like no other.