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PvP isn't always 1v1 based.

I can only speak from a Lancers perspective, and helping a friend out to see his crits. He shot me in the back for 27k. Now, I know back shots are hard in 1v1, but in mass pvp they aren't. Archers (who can aim) are quite deadly and shouldn't be taken lightly. It's a strong class, but I don't think it deserves a 2 star rating. More of a 3 or 4 (at least in pvp).
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The lancer he fought, never used iron will, self heal, or block.

I like zerker pvp vids, and you did good.

I'm a lancer, but jesus that Baraka made me cry.

Keep it up man.
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Tank here and I would go slayer.
Sorcs crit hard, but slayers can rip crits a little lower than sorc but rip them much much faster.
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I don't currently play any DPS type toons so I don't know the differences in the damage of the two in regards to pve. As a lancer, there is some tiny differences but mostly the lance blocks the same so that is all that matters to me.

Could a DPS in theory +9 all their pvp and run Hard Modes?
I also understand that pvp weapons and pve weapons typically are enchanted differently, but what if they were all the same?
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Philosonaught on 06/22/2012, 10:27 AM - view
Soulbreak on 06/22/2012, 10:24 AM
What a joke of a post.
You flag, and someone kills you...regardless of their level you call a GM.

Don't want to get killed by a level 60, don't flag.

Don't flag? Hmmm. So if you want to PvP in a game with "true action combat", the only way to do so is to duel someone?

Dingbat "True Action Combat" is in regards to Tera fighting system. IE: You don't click a target and then RNG miss ect. You have to use your recital.

Combat is not fair. As the system stand now; You flag can be targeted by anyone regardless of level. If said flagged player kills a lower level play they receive a penalty in the form of infamy.

The system works, rarely do 60s run through lumbertown to kill level 15s. Does/can it happen yes. But don't complain about flagging to attempt to 'sneak' attack someone and low and behold the fight doesn't go the way you want it to. Then call a GM cause a 60 saw you flag and one shot you. Pay attention to your surroundings. Chances are if you hadn't flagged, that 60 wouldn't flag and kill you.
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Step 1: Flag. I am now the equivalent of an outlaw, a lowbie-killer. In actuality, I am the same as everyone else - I only want to pvp. I haven't killed any lowbies (my character has never had infamy) But I now have lowbie-killer status. I can now be killed by any higher level that comes along and wants to shoot his spells. That is a punishment for wanting to pvp. It is a disincentive. This is a pvp server. Why am I being punished for wanting to pvp?

A: You aren't being punished. Don't flag. If you declare that you are an outlaw! Why wouldn't it be fair justice be brought and you be killed by any means necessary. Why must your pvp only be on your terms and completely fair in your eyes. Combat isn't fair...stop trying to make it fair. When BGs come out there is your fair controlled pvp until then, if you want to be able to flag, get the first shot and the element of surprise you should have a downside to that.

Step 2: Fight. Forget that if I die I lose crystals. I don't care, I use cheap ones. That's not even the worst part. The worst part is: now that I am red, and probably fighting someone, anyone who comes along automatically targets me. People who see the fight ALWAYS joing against me (in my experience). Now its a 2v1, or a 3v1.

A: People don't like outlaws, you just became a victim civil justice. Perhaps plan your attacks better...

I got a question for you.

When you flag and kill someone, before doing so do you politely pm them and say, hey after the next mob you kill I am going to attack you. Please respond because if you do I will let you regen your HP/MP and allow you to use charms and switch crystals so we can have a fair fight...

Or do you just attack them?
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What a joke of a post.
You flag, and someone kills you...regardless of their level you call a GM.

Don't want to get killed by a level 60, don't flag.
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There are two things you have to understand about how our block works. Now when/if stamina comes out this will change.

We basically loose our MP in two ways. First, large heavy attack that come at a normal pace and second, smaller attacks that come at an extremely face pace. Good news there are easy ways to combat this.

What you are going to want to do is invest into charms (sounds like your previous parties haven't used them). In particular you want Enduring (+End) and Infusion (+MP Regen).

With both of these charms up, basically what happens is because your endurance is higher the attacks don't hit you as hard. When enemies don't hit hard, you don't use too much MP to block. The Infusion charm regens mp and allows you to keep block up and keep it up for longer periods of time.

At 60, in theory could just hold your shield up and back into a corner and not take damage, but later on MP management isn't a real issue, and threat is.

But for your current problem, that is what I would suggest.
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I hear that were is an issue with the math on how they are calculated. Instead of it being combined, its additive or something. I'd like to see a test done on it.
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What Zyrks are fellow lancers using?
End, Impact, Attk Speed?