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Nice work, especially for a "newbie". If your interested check out "Art Rage". They have a free demo and it's not super expensive. I find it a lot easier/faster/fun than photoshop for emulating artistic mediums.

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I'm not a fan of pay to win but I see little difference in paying with money or paying with free time (repetitive grinding). Time is money. I'd rather be able to compete using real time skill. I don't have time or money so I can't compete in Tera but I still enjoy jumping in for a little every now and then casually so the free model has been working out well for me.
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Don't forget to factor in the time people spend debating economics on the forums...
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You guys do realize that APB was one of the most expensive games to make, right? It cost between 60 to 105 million according to this article.

It is not laziness, it is a matter of limited resources. They have X number of people working X number of hours. So if they added body customization a large chunk of content would have to be missing from the game. Also I think most players would just end up complaining about hit boxes.

I spent a few years learning the unreal developers kit so I have a basic idea of what is involved:

I would love more customization, I'm just being realistic.
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They should allow you to preview the items like you can with some of them in the broker. Actually I don't understand why you can't preview all wearable items at the broker? Things probably would sell better. I usually don't buy cosmetic items unless I see how they look on someone that is the same race.
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Art is subjective so to some people they might look like kids and to other's they will not. Our own experiences, cultures and expectations will shape what we see. In my opinion they look child-like or innocent and cute in some ways but definitely do not look anything like real children.

I believe the artists designed them to fit the lore, were inspired by mythology, eastern culture and for variety. Everything has to look like something, so why not make a variety of interesting looking creatures and personalities. I do think they fit the race description well.

Has anyone ever heard any information directly from the actual character designers?
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What you see is a combination of the skin material and the lighting. That is why it looks different in the creator and will look different in various locations of the game. If your really picky you need to test several colors in several different areas. The third one looks best to me but might be lighting and I can't tell which color it is.
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1. Add automatic language translation. People would be a lot less racist if they could understand what everyone is saying. I have used this in other virtual environments and it's great. Some phrases come out funny but for the most part you can understand each other.

2. If the above can not be done then add language channels. Make it so people can clearly and easily talk in and listen to multiple channels if they speak multiple languages. The key is people need to choose what languages they communicate in not be forced.

3. Another limited option is to add a large list of messages that people can select by number. So each person can see it in their own language.

Racism is an issue everywhere. Sadly I don't see that changing, although I admire efforts. If I find people offensive I ignore or block them. If you really feel they crossed the line and are breaking the rules you can report them.

I do not think it's racist to want to understand what people are saying and to find it highly undesirable if you can't communicate. Not everyone has the time to learn other languages, although it can be enriching if you do.

Making it easier for people to understand each other is key to minimize racism and problems. Arguing back and forth about highly subjective topics will not likely amount to anything. We need viable solutions.

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Is anybody else in favor of:

1. Adding Automatic Translation if possible.

2. Having separate channel/s for other languages.

I don't think we are getting anywhere with the long subjective discussions about things people will probably never agree on. It's like politics and religion. Of course I could be wrong and maybe by the end of this thread the world will unite, join hands, sing and fart rainbows.
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I was very disappointed when I first found out Tera did not have body sliders or even at least a few body types to pick from for each race. Having no body customization feels really outdated. I think it looks really ridiculous and limited that every single person that is the same race/sex has the exact same body shape and height. It's hard for me to get into an MMO or RPG where customization is so limited.

I doubt they will risk the money and resources adding it now unless they were sure the return in profits would be worth the effort/risk. I for one would be a lot more excited about the game, willing to spend more on vanity items, etc.
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