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Yes, 1 character per server.
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@ Radii

Eww yourself, those are awesome pets.
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ataterran on 04/18/2012, 04:27 PM - view
Never gonna give, never gonna give.

Give you up!
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Reiia on 04/18/2012, 03:46 PM - view
Uhh you can.

Why people keep asking this... you can make your own private channel with password. As long as people are in it, it won't dissapear. Once noone is in the channel for X amount of time it will auto end itself and free up the channel name until someone remakes it.

But if you got enough people to join it, you would technically never have a problem with the channel being closed.

Thanks for the heads up Reiia, i haven't been in most of the CBT's so i didn't spend much time messing around with chat, thanks.
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Yuna belongs with us! Arachnaea houses loyal men and women!
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Hi there, I was thinking that it would be nice if we could create custom chat channels for our friends without having to be in the same guild or party.

I just thought it would be a nice feature so that people who are guild-less or have a group of friends spread among several guilds that they can all talk to each other without being limited to a party chat or being forced into the same guild so they can chat.

Just a thought off the top of my head that i know i would personally get a lot of use out of. Anyone else feel the same way? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

- Ricky
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ataterran on 04/18/2012, 02:58 PM - view
Pumpkin pie is better than all other pies, obviously.

This is true.
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Scape13 on 04/17/2012, 11:10 AM - view

As I said, there is nothing wrong with it. Some of you seem really quick to label people with that whole western-society-hostility-towards-femininity blah blah blah nonsense. You are no better then those people you are trying to label.

I would say they are much worse than the people they are trying to label, since there is nothing wrong with it right?

<--- High Elf Male
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I would really like 2 Character slots, 1 to play with friends and 1 to solo. either that or i'm only going to get to play about 2 hours a day or ill leave my friends in the dust, and i don't do that.

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VikingGamer on 04/18/2012, 10:37 AM - view
Also keep in mind that more casual players will tend toward dps. And it is the more casual players that don't bother to read the forums and contribute to polls and such. So it seems likely that the numbers are skewed a bit right now toward rolls that are needed more than rolls that are more fun, for most players.

Lots of people also start out perhaps playing a tank or a healer because it is needed and hope that it will stick for them. But they alway have a way of thinning out as time goes on. "oh your going to be a tank? hmmm, I might play my archer more."

Exactly what I was thinking.