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BboyScar on 02/11/2013, 05:11 PM - view
TheHaremKing on 02/11/2013, 02:15 PM
Laptop? If you want to play this game smoothly get a PC.

Laptop is a PC. I assume you are referring to a desktop. And i agree with you a desktop is so much nicer, better yet OP go buy the parts and build one yourself! It's cheaper and it's easy :P

Oh boy, someone else who didn't read my full OP...... that or you're just attempting to troll.

Anyway DKoK, you say Acer is good? The best in fact? Now I've got two completely opposing viewpoints on Acer..... lol Guess I'll need to do some more Googling on them to get some more views :P
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I had that EXACT same issue. I uninstalled it then reinstalled it from my account page here on this site (apparently it was something wrong with the physical download). Took a couple hours to re-do everything ofc, but at least I was able to play lol
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Ok aside from all those other sites I'm still trying to figure out a friend of mine, the same one who sent me to newegg for better or worse (not sure yet lol), sent me this link of 4 laptops from newegg for a good price that he thought were the best.

What do you guys think? Any good ones in there? Also could I use one of those other sites you guys linked to possible "enhance" any of those laptops there to improve any of their known issues? Basically I still don't know what those sites can do lol

Zelin, MSI seems to always be so expensive, very good laptops it looks like though, so if I can find a decently priced one I'd definitely consider it lol

Kitsukun, yeah I haven't really heard much about Samsung, from anyone really lol I'll need to look into it more and do some comparisons before I drop that $900 :P But yes I think it does help, I don't think I would have even considered Samsung until now, so TY :)
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So after my first reply I went to search on a site a friend of mine recommended me to, Newegg. Idk if it's any good in comparison to others you guys may no of, it's just the first one that's been recommended to me lol

Anyway I was looking at the "Acer Aspire V3-571G-9686" and I thought it was looking pretty good, but apparently you guys say Acer is bad? Why is that exactly? Seriously though, I have no clue on any of these companies, besides this old Dell Studio I'm using everything else I've used was a Mac lol (Ofc those can't run half the programs I need for school, and none of the games on top of that, hence the switch, even though I loved my Mac :P)

As for those other sites, what do you do on them exactly? I mean the Asus site MegaMouse linked, I can't figure out how to find the prices, and why does each laptop I look at have multiple options? Everything else I've looked at has had a set of components they definitively came with o.O

And those three sites Zura linked, I'm totally lost lol Are they like build-a-bear laptop editions or something? Do you just pick the laptop you want, then add onto it with different parts, that undoubtedly up the price? Can you just pick the laptop and not change anything if that's what you want?

MegaMouseGW on 02/11/2013, 02:56 PM
Valliac on 02/11/2013, 02:45 PM
1. Stop trying to play the game on a laptop. Seriously.

2. you can make a custom DT that can run everything you need for a little under 700 (given that you do some parts research).

Some people do not have the space for a desktop or need a laptop for other things other than gaming. I know there are laptops that will beat the snot out of a desktop with no problems, so get off the desktop kick.

and ty for that, it's why I added in that P.S. and P.P.S., some people just don't understand I just can't do with a desktop, gaming isn't the only thing I do either lol

And Kitsune, $900 is pushing it a bit, but I guess if that turns out to be the best option I might be able to make it work...

Also that CPU and GPU thing.... uh.... what are those? lol
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I don't agree with the bashing of non-english speakers in-game or anything, but it's the internet and most people playing this game on these servers are americans, so it's 100% expected.

You just have to learn to ignore it, living in the US as a non-american has taught me that before I even started playing online games. Once I did it just became even more apparent how much this society sux nutz and must be ignored.

That's the sad truth I'm afraid.

EDIT: no I'm not calling all americans ignorant or anything, just a much larger portion then there should be are in fact quite ignorant to anything non american, giving a bad name to those americans who are worldly and/or excepting.

Also no I'm not a BR, since that seems to be first assumption people are making in this community atm: "Not muricen? must be BR!"
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hakumen9000 on 02/11/2013, 02:15 PM - view
1. Asus Laptops, HP laptops

2. Components?
Video Card
Hard Drive

That's basically exactly what I was looking for.

I mean idk any of the Asus or HP laptops but I'm sure a quick search will fix that lol so thnx for that :D
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So here's the thing, I'm looking into buying a new laptop in the coming months but I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what it is I need to be looking for..... you see I'm what you call "computer illiterate," so when I ask someone who's good with computers for help on what to look for in a good gaming laptop they through all this computer "jargon" at me and it really doesn't help me out in the slightest.

I guess I just figured I'd go through all the forums I could to see where I could get some help from someone who knew how to dumb everything down so I could understand it lol

Basically I'm looking for at least one of two things;

1. What laptops out there are good for gaming? And please don't say something like Alienware or of that caliber, I simply can't afford that. I'm looking for something between $500-$900, and yes I know those laptops exist and I'm well aware I don't need a laptop that costs $2,000 just to play the games I've already got.

So I guess which laptops can handle TERA on close to max settings and fit within my price range? Cause if it can handle TERA just fine I doubt I'll have much issues with any of m other games lol

2. If you guys can't think of any inexpensive gaming laptops still in stock then what components of the laptops should I be focused on? By that I mean something like the graphics card, I know that's important but what else should I be looking at while searching? Cause as I am right now the graphics card is the only thing I know to look for and I don't even know what a good graphics card is either (I'll prob just google it when the time comes :P).

So yeah thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me out on this, I've never been good with electronics, I'm more of a woodsy and artsy kinda guy myself, so any help with either of those things would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. No I am NOT considering building m own laptop or desktop, if I don't even know what to look for when trying to buy one I sure as [filtered] don't know how to build one. So please don't even say that's what I should do, it's not even relatively close to being in the question....

P.P.S. And no I'm not gonna get a desktop, my classes and job require me to be able to take my computer around with me and I simply can't afford a laptop and a desktop atm.
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well I mean i wouldnt use TS then run around until the CD was up then do it again, id use 2-3 combo attacks to get my MP back up or id use that horizontal swing that turns your opponent around and the flatten combo (i forget the name of the first skill lol). it was quick and decently powerful.

I wasnt using the VB everytime simple cause id run out of MP before too long :P

But that being said I changed things up and the way it is now seems to work very well. I have VB now chained after TS on the chain skill tab so instead of the 80% chance of it popping up it comes up 100% of the time, just to avoid the needless jumping around, then I have TS chained after VB incase I do use the VB combo right afterwards.

I mean its still not perfect and im annoyed EME stuck this splinter into our chain skills, but I guess it still works. hopefully EME will either revert it or remove it or something though, being forced to use MP on VB isnt a big issue in the end but i HAD figured out how to work around it lol
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so I was just wondering if any zerkers were having this same issue, but I have TS chained behind TS so i can use it over and over again in boss fights and the such. it seems to give the highest damage out put when theres only one target, at least at mid lvls where I am, might be diff at max idk :P

anyway for some screwed up reason whenever i land a TS in combat i get the vampiric strike chain instead, and for like 1 sec, then no TS. it really does screw things up in the mid of tough fights. so is this a common zerk issue or does the game just hate me?
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i only block if i cant move out of the way of whatever it is i should block. if you can back up or run around an attack and charge up an attack youll have a better time lol

but for the blocking, i just hold left click to attack then when i need to block release and hold right click. it works unless i try blocking in the middle of an attack animation lol you have to keep the animations in mind in this game, its what makes it more skilled based then most games.