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wawaWho on 01/11/2013, 09:43 AM - view
at launch....and then what happened..they couldnt handle they reduced it
(of course they not going to say they couldnt handle 8-12 channels....)

well actually it was reduced cause the awfully linear and straight forward questing system of this game moved every past the lowbie channels, then with people quitting left and right they had no need for so many channels since 9 out of the 12 were completely empty.

its not that they couldnt handle it (have you seen server costs? just box sales had them set for months on end, sub fees more then covered all of them as well, now cosmetics will for a time), they just had no need for them anymore.

wawaWho on 01/11/2013, 09:47 AM
the postcard method where you just throw down an AOE on the bridge and let the idiots kill themselves.

i remember doing this, if they were smart enough to wait id let them through, but most werent lol
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Kultra on 01/11/2013, 09:42 AM - view
No no, this would have never happened if Elin's had not been censored !!11+1!1!1

Rite gais?


brings back memories.... im jk btw lol
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wawaWho on 01/11/2013, 09:41 AM - view
8 channels...rofl i doubt it..tera being a free game to play soon.they aint gonna be ablle to support that kind of stuff while adding in other servers as well!

you missed launch then! 12 channels! for a month or so. so 8 channels in my opinion for at least a little while isnt out of the question.
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lol but once you get to a certain debuff however those smaller groups are gonna get wreaked by even smaller groups of anti gankers or pkkers :P

the large group might be easier to avoid but its also harder to stop. just my thoughts.
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RexZShadow on 01/11/2013, 09:33 AM - view
However if you do manage to get a copy of the game you get benfit of founder which you can find in the news/faq

i already qualify for founder, but thnx for the info :)

and i get what youre saying on the GW2 population, but i mean just get in and play some WvW or hang out in LA and youll see there are still TONS of players, even in "off seasons" lol during events i actually have lag issues in LA, which is frustrating :P
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i remember those at launch. people zerg lvled during the head start then once everyone else joined just bombarded the living crap out of lowbie areas.

i even saw it on the island of dawn for a bit, a guild made a second guild and invited a bunch of new players still on the island of dawn and when it reached a high amount that original guild declared war on them which allowed them to attack players not yet off of IoD. it was funny at first, not gonna lie, but if they havent fixed that then its old news anyway :P

but yeah anyway if they havent removed channels then large raid ganks are easily avoided, just saying. if channels are gone then those lowbies are screwed lol
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that reminds me of "PANDA," from back before the merges and on VoT.

in the first vanarch elections ever some random guild ended up beating out another for a vanarch spot by running through lowbie areas promising everyone they would protect everyone from gankers 24/7 and what not, then they ended up winning the election.

the best part about this was panda wasnt even related to the guild that lost, he was just upset so he griefed players in the lumbertown area (forget what the entire zone was called :P) none stop for days, unhindered by this guild for most of it, and when the guild did try something hed channel hop! lol

it got so bad he was temp banned a couple of times before quitting the game. all i know is i had already passed through that area on my alt so i didnt have to worry and personally found it hilarious XD

anyway i just thought id share cause this thread reminded me of it and the fact that any decent ganker will channel hop to avoid people trying to stop them. unless they removed channels?
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i cant get past this freaking checksum error again, so it doesnt really matter to me i guess lol XP
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Naoto on 01/10/2013, 11:15 AM - view
btw GW2 is losing playerbase faster then any other game this year! its not even 6 months old... hardly the success story

LOL idk where you get your info, but the GW2 playerbase has already lvled out, its not decreasing at any rate and its not really increasing either. youll see an influx of people for the holiday and special events, then youll see a decrease a few days after the events end, but it always comes back to where it was beforehand.

so either take the word of someone whos still playing it or stick to which ever hater thats never played it you got that info from, wont change facts.

back on topic: adding items to cash shops wont hurt the "gold sink economy," if EME has any brains at all theyll keep certain necessary things in the shops and only in the shops. im 100% positive EME isnt going to put absolutely everything in the cash shops, thats simply idiotic and no decent MMO company would ever do that if they wanted their game to stay alive.

and i thought you still had to buy TERA before getting to play it so that would have made it B2P, im not getting the terms mixed up i was just not entirely informed on that matter.
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vewdo on 01/10/2013, 08:18 AM - view
You havent played Tera yet. You have no idea what kind of RNG your getting into. How can you possibly comment on something like this. Its a major concern for everyone who been ont he server for months because of good reason. Until you nkow how the game works, and what is and what isnt game breaking i really cant take anything you say seriously.

thats a rather large assumption right there my friend.

as a matter of fact after reading up on this F2P patch id actually qualify as a founder. I played for a few months and i had to deal with the god awful RNG of this game back when it was at its worst (for NA) so dont try to lecture me like i dont know how annoying it is.

i quit cause GW2 was released and topped TERA in almost every way imaginable. im only coming back, possibly only temporarily, cause my guild brought this F2P info up yesterday and seeing as how im the most knowledgeable person in my guild when it comes to TERA they want me to "show them the ropes." frankly i dont expect anyone to stay, but hey, it might be fun while it lasts, right? :D

ANYWAY.... i still see no evidence of this game going P2W, right now its all assumptions based on KTERA and then stuck on the forums due to the ever existent fear of EME screwing over the TERA community that has been present since these forums were created 2 years before NA TERA launched.

the same EXACT assumptions made of the GW2 cash shop when it was announced as well, and i might add assumptions that have been proven wrong.

if EME has any brains they will do as Anet has done, or something similar. if not TERA is done, simple as that, and im sure they know it as well.

DeadlySwordz on 01/10/2013, 08:26 AM
(oops, I started the last 2 sentences lowercase)

yeah i totally couldnt understand what it was those sentences said, sorry..... lol ;)
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