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Torpian on 01/10/2013, 01:09 AM - view
I'm confused. On the one hand, I know you found the caps lock key, because you have TERA and a few other exciting words in capital letters. Then I see that your sentences all start with lower case letters and it makes me wonder whether you deliberately choose to avoid writing properly or you simply don't know how to write yet. Either way, it's a tough thing to read as it is, please edit it.

I had no idea there were people petty enough to care so much about capitalization on these forums o.O

i'Ll mAkE sURe tO kEeP thAt iN mInD nEXt tIMe :)

but anyway, guys, we've all learned that just cause KTERA does something doesnt mean NA TERA will do the same! as mentioned above somewhere in the korean market "P2W" doesnt exist simply cause they dont see that as paying to win, they also think having the elin wear incredibly skimpy clothing is alright lol we got the elin censored (not that i agree or disagree with it, im not trying to start THAT argument all over again, just an example of a difference is all) so we might avoid a P2W model.

also removing alkahest from the vendors doesnt necessarily mean its definitely gonna be in the cash shop, maybe they just want to make it in game drops forcing people to play longer through grinding for them? the fact is WE DONT KNOW and saying stuff like "its already here" is simply annoying and wrong.

besides, i dont really understand why EME would let TERA completely die by making it P2W instead of doing the cosmetic only cash shop model like GW2 did. you dont think cosmetics make the company a decent amount of money? just ask Anet! lol
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hello TERA community, just heard about TERA finally going B2P in february and decided to come to the forums to check how things were going!

guess i shouldnt have been all that surprised to see stuff like "PAI TO WYN GONA RUINZ OURE GAIM!" and the such lol

so here I am making a thread (yes i know, ANOTHER thread about the biggest news in the TERA community atm, who woulda thunk it!?) to shed a bit of level headed light on the debby downers and nah-sayers :) what i mean is that most of the same people complaining about pay to win mechanics in TERA were also the ones complaining about it when GW2 was announced to be B2P! (oh noez! he brought up GW2 in TERA! BURN HIMMMMMM!) well heres some news for ya, there has not yet been a single item in the entire "real money" store that has given any one player an edge over another that was not also available through crafting and pve drops! and thats a fact, try to argue it all you want but itll never change ;)

my point for TERA is that itll MOST LIKELY be the same! i mean GW2 has nabbed i think it was the number 3 spot of most populated MMOs atm and got best PC game of the year on several different sites, and do you think it would have gotten such things with a pay to win strategy? NO! and im guessing EME knows this as well and will take the lessons of those that have surpassed TERA (not an argument of which is better, its just another fact GW2 has done very well in the market, for now at least, and TERA has not) to heart and follow the same path.

so dont worry people! the purchasable "gear" in the stores will most likely remain all purely cosmetic as Anet has done and been successful with, the game going B2P will only benefit it/us/you, as in invite more new players and old players back! it worked for swtor, so why not TERA? i mean TERA issssss a better game then swtor, is it not?

cheers! ;D
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Slubber on 12/16/2012, 04:33 PM - view
GW2 didn't invent WvW or Dynamic events or the B2P model...or anything, there's nothing spectacularly innovative from GW2, sure no holy trinity is a bit different but it just made the game really [filtered] tbh.

i never said they invited any of that. you naysayers assume so much!

they didnt invent it no, but they combined all of it, refined it, and were WAY more successful then any of the other games to have used these mechanics EVER were.


sorry but i had thought that was common sense, but apparently thats still lacking on certain subjects in these forums lol some things never change.


apparently gamespot agrees with me.
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Runespider on 12/13/2012, 04:58 PM - view
Once FF14 and Gw2 fail properly it will change the mmo market from what it is now into what it used to be, small budget graphically crappy games with few updates.

oh how i missed seeing these kinds of posts, I can't get on the WoW forums cause obviously im never going back to that crap, and people on the GW2 forums have actually experienced the truth, so that only leaves the TERA forums for these kinds of hilarious speculations lol

but anyway coming from a GW2 player here its actually not even close to failing and Anet updates too much, the patchs come quickly and without warning and sometimes since they have untested aspects we end up with some minor issues for a day or so before they bring in another patch to address it.

but yeah, continuous PvE content, Non-stop large scale PvP, and the most balanced small scale PvP in big name MMO history. sure it has its issues, but it has FAR less issues then TERA here LOL

anyway back to main topic, every game company has layoffs after a launch, i mean it takes more people to make a game then to maintain it, so its only to be expected. not that i feel bad for those layed off at Anet, but its hardly a sign of anything. at least coming from first hand experience its definitely not a sign.
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CoyoteStark on 12/15/2012, 11:27 AM
2012's Most Innovative

*Guild Wars 2

GW2... Innovative... haha oh wow. How is GW2 on a list of the most innovative MMOs of 2012? Like seeing a CoD on a list of the most Innovative FPSs of 2012.

back to topic.

I'll vote for RIFT probably... or.. I'll vote for TERA, even with all his flaws is still way better than the ones on that list (maybe not in the long run, but w/e)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! hahaah! haaaaaaahHAHA!


you really dont know anything about GW2 at all do you!? LOL

back to topic:

I'd vote for TERA is it wasn't so........ bad :(

I mean it's fun to come back to every once ina while simply cause the graphics are amazing and dungeons are fun (for like an hour), but comparing it to some of the other MMOs up and running atm it just severally lacks in basic quality and content.
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OR........ they could do like....... GW2 and scale the raids to suit 10 people OR 20 people!

YES! i said it! GW2 BIZNATCH! deal brooooos!
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Philosonaught on 08/24/2012, 06:52 PM - view
This thread is about Tarnis trolling us. He was saying that his skill trumps other people's PvP gear, I believe.

even if that is the case i still believe that a very good player using a dodgy damage dealing class can probably do even better in pve gear.

REALLY good lol

You're saying that zerkers do more dmg in PvE gear? I'm not an expert on zerkers, but that doesn't make sense to me.

every class..... in every game.... does more damage in PvE gear..... lol

Dunno if they are OP or not.

yea i guess it would only be in certain situations and against certain classes, when it comes to archers at least.

but as for classes being OP, priests and slayers are still ridiculous. and mystics and lock an opponent down for approximately......... FOREVER lol as for gimped, still zerkers really, they dont have any advantages over any other class where as all the other classes have at least a couple "easy targets" (zerker usually being one of them lol).
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my favorite is definitely Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

it was funny, had good action, the story was GREAT, and so on. it was just a very well done show overall and i enjoyed every second of it. only bad part of it....... is that it ended :,(

other then that i also enjoy DBZ, Bleach, Trinity Blood, Hellsing Ultimate, IGPX, and the short series FOOLY COOLY!

Vamluna on 08/24/2012, 09:50 AM
DBZ is like Taco Bell of Anime. It's nasty, low quality and it's cheap, but a lot of people eat it.

I actually have a hard time thinking of any TV show or movie that isn't better than DBZ.

Maybe... The Hottie and the Nottie Paris Hilton Movie?

I don't know, that might be a stretch.

Freddy got fingered?


I don't know. It's really hard to think of things as bad as DBZ lol.

youre trying WAY too hard.... 1/10... obvious troll is obvious.
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Philosonaught on 08/24/2012, 06:35 PM - view

What did you say about archers? How are they op? We don't have an invulnerability dodge. All of our escapes can be interrupted. We also have charge attacks ala the berzerker, and many of our attacks cause us to stand still while firing them, which is the bane of kiting classes.

Also I don't understand why the zerker would be wearing PvE gear. They do more dmg to players in PvE gear?

idk, it seems due to the recent buffs to archers that everything they put off is an auto hit and they do a crap ton of damage besides that. and im not talking about only duels here, sure in a duel an archer might have a hard time kiting but in group pvp archers are VERY good.

did you jump into this thread without even reading what it was about?....... seriously? OP said good players might as well wear pve gear cause you WILL do more damage in pve gear and if you can avoid damage then the damage reduction from pvp gear is useless. so i attempted to explain why thats not 100% true.

and dear god PLEASE dont try saying you can do as much damage in pvp gear as pve..... PLEASE dont be that horrible at MMOs :/