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I wish that the only thing that would carry over from OBT was names. Combine OBT and headstart, anyone with some determination and a week of free time will be ridiculously close to max level already. Hell, I hardly agree with the headstart, but meh,
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patrao1 on 2012-02-23 22:45:43 UTC - view
EdgeTO on 2012-02-23 22:40:49 UTC
I miss the days when getting to max level took months instead of days.

I agree! I love hard games, this max lvl thing in one week is not behind any challenge. Where is the "damm this is hard". =/
lets see tomorrow.

That isn't hard. That's just time consuming. Grinding is difficult, mainly because it's boring, but I would never say it makes a game hard.
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Well, for one, EU client is Frogster. not EME. Go complain to them about the issue.

Ignoring that, it isn't hard to play around with chat interface, and with moderators there will be a lot less spam on release. No one likes being banned or suspended.
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Tera has some awesome things going for it, but I wouldn't call it innovative. it's bringing things like a political system and action based combat into the mainstream MMO market, but it is just another MMO.

GW2 is shaking things up heavily and advancing the genre with new ideas. SWTOR has personal story lines and instances, as well as very detailed stories. That's a pretty awesome concept for people who love storyline, although probably done before

Get off your high horse and admit that there are some other good games. You don't have to only love one MMO or game at a time. You don't have to hate on everything else just because Tera isn't as widely known.
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Cool to see a few other people from Perth, I almost never find other gamers from WA
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Mystics can summon a tank to aggro for them, so they can chill and wander around attacking. I only played to about level 6, but they're solo seemed pretty good. Only problem was my DPS was really low, although higher levels will probably get you some better damage.
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coax on 2012-02-12 23:15:59 UTC
Zakkeh on 2012-02-12 23:03:31 UTC
I don't like it much. I'd prefer permanent, such a small money sink is hardly worth it. I can't see why it is only temporary in the first place

there are permanent ones. not sure how you get them but i do know they exist.

and would you prefer no money sinks at all? or one that takes it all at once? it helps keep money from being worthless. and its an incredibly minor inconvenience even in its current state.

you mean to tell me you cant be bothered to re-buy dyes ever 7 in-game days (168 hours of play time) for what is basically next to nothing at end-game?


Money sinks are important but everyone keeps saying, one BAM at a high level and 10k is nothing. This really doesn't impact the economy much. A higher amount for a permanent dye on your current set seems like it would make sense.

I don't mind, but I don't see why it should be like that. I can definitely do it if I want to dye my armour, but WHY should I do it like that? It's just an inconvenience. Not a big one, but just one of those little things.
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I don't like it much. I'd prefer permanent, such a small money sink is hardly worth it. I can't see why it is only temporary in the first place
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SunnyJjang on 2012-02-12 22:42:00 UTC
Yes when I press the button that says "SEVER LIST" it goes back but theres a blank server list so I cant select anything T.T

Try it twice. Server list, enter realm, server list again and then wait for a little while. It'll pop up eventually.
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I always come close to hitting a full inventory, but so long as I sell all my useless junk every time I pass a merchant, I never have a full inventory. Besides, with tp scrolls and then either a pegasus or a teleport master, you can go back, sell and be back within 5 minutes at the very max.