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You mean it's not just me? TERA has become unplayable because of these problems... Can't fight BAMs to finish my quests without DCing in the middle of a fight, and I don't DARE try a dungeon...
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Shiboo on 04/30/2012, 03:25 PM - view
I got into my beloved server Celestial Hills, you mad? yeah that's right. Try rolling a non-PVP server next time.

I know you're just trolling, but I can't help but wonder why you're so proud of TERA's version of Goldshire.
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FunkinVile on 04/28/2012, 05:27 PM - view
Whew! Thanks En Masse! Was 2300th in line for Valley of Titans, I afk'd for an hour and im 1600th in line >.>.

Please consider adding a few more PvP servers as well. All of the current PvP servers have queues to get in o.o

This in a nutshell. PvP is a big part of this game, but there are only 3 PvP servers. The only servers that have queues right now, are those same three servers. I hope this is just a temporary thing, and you'll have increased the character limit on every server by launch... But if not, please consider adding more PvP servers.
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Okay. Thanks for the info. I was just curious. Still very happy that all that room is shared... Only game I've ever seen have an account bank, only gave me 16 slots.
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I didn't know how you could possibly make TERA even more enjoyable than it already is, but then I went to my bank. And upon opening it, noticed every single thing my main had already put into the bank. That makes me very, very happy. No more struggling to keep everything in its proper place, remembering what alt has what item, in what bank... They're ALL connected. I love you guys so much for it.

I just have one small question. Is it Account wide, per server? Or is it account wide, Period? Meaning, I put an item in my bank on VoT, can I open it up on say, Celestial Hills? Or is it limited to the server on which I put it in the bank on?
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JaSON's back, too. So is FFFFFFUUUUUU... :(
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Look. It's a tradeoff. Popori and Elins get a crappy set of racials, but they get a small hitbox. I'm okay with that, since their racials are only useful when they're not in combat, and have a huge CD anyway.
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Taleq on 04/27/2012, 03:47 AM - view
I always laugh at the "pro" people who hate "scrubs" and "bads" etc. You're playing a game where you fight over virtual clothes to dress up your virtual barbie doll, relax a little @ the MMO-FOs

Ugh. Don't remind me of fashion... I got so obsessed over that crap when I played Perfect World... It was almost more fun to me than the game. I spent so much money on outfits... Never had to dye any of it, though. I always ended up getting some really sweet color combinations, right out of the box. Several of my guildies were rather jealous of me, as they spent a fortune just trying to get colors that didn't look like [filtered].