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They posted this on FB:

If you're trying to purchase the game, please visit one of the following digital retailer partners while the En Masse store is down:


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As someone who works in customer service, I want to paypal Cobaltdragon a beer.

Gotta love [filtered] customers harassing you over something you have literally no control over and no input on.
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As long as they aren't changing content, I won't complain about having more people to play with or have more people try Tera and make it successful.
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Weird. Thanks for the info, free bump so they see maybe.
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Just cancel your preorder here through customer service and preorder through Frogster.
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I honestly wouldn't worry too much. People are at least a bit less likely to gank right now, since characters are permanent. The infamy will be too annoying to get rid of and a lot of people just want to rush initially.
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If these issues could all be predicted and solved in minutes, network administration wouldn't be such a lucrative career.
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You don't have to be an English teacher to communicate in a way that makes people actually understand you.
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Insults programmer's ability to code, can't type in plain English.
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Just draw pictures of yourself casting spells. The game will do the rest.