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Gorran on 2012-03-06 01:08:14 UTC - view
Yeah well not gonna register before someone else does it. I might get scammed and what then? You know my head is worth more than these forums.

Anyway as Nobody said, change the main title font. For sake of chocolate do not use glow there.

I like how this website works, no loading process gives really nice and intuitive feeling.

how can you get scammed from signing up for a forum? lol and that was the change to the font lol, here i go again
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i'm surprised no one has signed up on the forums and posted the first post lol
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Thanks! i will get that done asap, i just finished adding some stuff in too. btw, ive decided to leave it up till 12am. but it might be down at times for additional content
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Hey fellow TERA community members! I am building a guide website for tera and would love some feedback! The Link Is . Only leaving it up till 6pm CST [might change] and then it goes straight back into construction with your thoughts! thanks, and remember! I'd love feedback! :)
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i was seriously about to hurt you -.- lol
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how many people can a single server, say "jagged coast" hold?
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besides, that patch has "rift" like raids. and it'd be nice to finally have a raid in tera
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tera was supposed to come out last year, and got postponed because they were "polishing" the game up, if they come out with the patch they would only be catching up on what they have been slacking on... release lol
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splasha on 2012-03-05 13:59:24 UTC - view
source ? thanks

he opened up the game and took a snapshot
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Notorious on 2012-03-05 07:59:26 UTC - view
i try to tell people irl how amazing Tera is but people are like "Tera, whats that?".

i wanna smack those people -.- lol