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I think the OP doesn't know what "similar" means, let me explain to you:
Similar: having a likeness or resemblance, especially in a general way.

Kelsaik's Nest HM weapons are not supposed to be exactly the same as dreamkeeper, they're similar, they have a close damage, on which its better than the dropped one but worse than the dreamkeeper.

You should just think about what that weapon actually is.

KNHM weapons are NOT supposed to replace Dreamkeeper. Crafted weapons are better because its supposedly harder to get since you need a whole number of mats and a crafter.
KNHM weapons have 10% pvp damage, which already changes everything. That weapon is best for pvp, not pve.

"I have a dreamkeeper, why should i do knhm?"
For the same reason people did it before, that weapon is just a bonus now, and its perfect for people that can't get the nexus weapon or wants the armor first.

"Block/Heal is bugged"
Its's not bugged, looks like you also don't know what bug is, go search. It could be and should be way better, and equal to t13 dropped or beetween it and the crafted, but its not a major setback.
Why? Well, if you're using a weapon for pvp, you can simply use the pve one as a healer or lancer. Its not like lancer/priest are gonna do major dmg which would make a difference anyway.

Stop cryin about it and thank god they gave us another way to get t13 pvp weapons.
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This is a collection of some guides i made and videos i have from the level 60 hard mode instances.
I only recorded Balder's Temple HM, Fane of Kaprima HM and Kelsaik's Nest HM.
Also, i only have guide for BT and FoK, maybe i'll have one for KN later, who knows.
The videos and guides from BT and FoK are kinda old, about 2 weeks, but not much has changed so far, the KNHM video though was recorded yesterday.

1. Balder's Temple (Hard Mode)

First of all, the instance:
- Each boss has the chance of dropping one Dream Binding, and the last boss can drop two, meaning a perfect run would give you 6 dream bindings.
- This instance is the biggest dps check of it all, expect to die on the first tries.
- The last boss is a great RNG, sometimes he just doesn't want you to finish and start shooting everywhere and one shotting everyone.
- Bring your Crystalbinds.
First Boss:

How to:
- This boss is insanely different. Instead of 1 tree, you have two, on which the boss will decide which one he'll go and you have to dps it down.
- You have about 7s to kill the tree, it regens fast, so you need great burst dps.
- The boss looks like the normal mode enraged, he hits hard and is really fast.
- He has two random aggro attacks that are usually the reason people die.

- Even if you're ranged, kill the boss at close range. His chest bump aoe is tankable, especially with Kaia's Shield or Totem, but his coconut circles can one shot clothies.
- Use shield to protect agains't the chest aoe.
- Stay focused for the tree time, if you see the shield, go fast and kill the tree.
- If you have a high cd time skill but with a great dps, save it for the tree, cause only the tree is a dps check.
- If the boss gets random aggro on you but doesn't jump, only runs to you, DODGE TO THE SIDE FAST, even if you're not the one with random aggro, dodge to the side of the boss, his frontal attack combo might kill you.
Second Boss (Green Kuma):

How to:
- Same thing as normal mode, except the damage increase and the fact that the trees are faster and have higher damage.

- Tank the boss on the ledge at the wall, better view and spot.
- If you're the healer, stay on the stairs, he won't hit you with his random aggro there (unless he's on the stairs too).
- Watch out for his random aggro, might one shot clothies.
- If you're tanking on the ledge, the dps has to call aggro, you can't see the aggro circle over there.
- Stun or get the [filtered] away from the blue blow, cause his next attack one shots lancers. If you don't stun, you're [filtered].
- Remember to dodge the trees, they're usually what kills you on the boss.
Second Boss (Red Kuma):

Still working on it

How to:
- Same thing as normal mode, except he hits harder.
- Also, if you don't leave the pool when it gets eletrificied, you get one shotted, so time it right.
- Everytime the message from the kuma gathering power to attack, stun him asap. If he gets the buff, just distance it and wait.
Third Boss:

How to:
- The boss has less hp, so you can actually kill him fast, the fireballs are the true boss.
- First fireball move is the lock-on, same as normal mode, except its a machine gun that hits you for 20k each, also, the boss follows you and stomps on you.
- Second fireball move is the boss lock-on, where the boss runs around and the fireballs goes to him (no damage on the boss).
- Third fireball move is the pattern, where the statues lock onto other statues and you have to find the pattern on the floor, usually triangles near the center.

- If you kill the boss fast enough, you don't even have to do the pattern, it only starts after 30%.
- Use Stalwart Crux. Costs 2g each and decrease the fireball damage, which is the only thing that actually kills you.
- To dodge the first move, wait on the center and then run to one of the corners when the balls are almost onto you.
- To dodge the boss move, just stay on the corner and wait.
- If you're using Stalwart Crux, watch out for the boss energy balls, hits for 36k on me.
- CC the boss on the fireballs move, helps alot.
- Priest's Guardian Sanctuary reduces the fireball damage, use it.
- To dodge the pattern, go to the front of the statue and you can see it shoots 3 balls and it divides, you can stay on the triangle of either sides. You'll get it with experience.
Pot Challenge:
No need for a video

How to:
- Same thing as normal mode, except its 1:30s and the pots have more hp.

- Use Hunter's Crux on this part.
- Priest's debuff work on the pot.
- Split everyone to a corner before it starts.
Last Boss:

How to:
- Same thing as normal mode, it only hits harder, is faster and the DPS check starts at 35%.

- Only lancers can block the cannon, and even then it goes through, so watch out.
- If you die before the 35%, go recharm, you'll need it.
- This boss i high resistant to stuns and crits, you might do better with Mutinous Crux if you have a priest on the party.
- Let the last 1% for the Lancer to stack his debuff.
- The cannon has a fire cooldown of 55s, get ready cause you have 5~10s before he shields.
- When he stops and shoots circles around him, go away and wait for the boss to leave that area.
- Don't DIE! Deaths are the reason people can't finish him.
- Don't forget your crystalbinds.

Pro Tip:
- Use Poised Crux on this boss
- Tell the lancer to infuriate as the first skill.
- The boss will be perma-enraged, making him faster, but he actually hits less. You can even survive cannon depending on class and gear.

Fane of Kaprima (Hard Mode)
Even tough there's lots of guides on youtube for everyone to see, and hard mode doesn't exactly needs a guide, i'll put here some tips i learned when doing it over and over again.

First of all, the instance:
- Each boss has a chance to drop one fanesteel, and the last boss can drop two, meaning a perfect run would give you five fanesteels, which i got once.
- You don't have to kill all the mobs, neither to both first bosses for the timer. We do it without the two pillars, and although the drop rate isn't perfect, it didn't change when we tried to do the pillars.
- After the crab boss, you can do the campfire trick to pass the mobs. If you want to know how to do it, ask us, its not easy to explain.
- A good run can take about 30~60min, without wipes. You get an average of 3 fanesteels, meaning 600g each person on fanesteel only.
First Boss:

How to:
- This boss is the same thing as easy mode, only you have one pillar on each corner and they don't respawn. Its a DPS check.

- The pillar killing takes a while to start, the boss will be usually at 60~80% when it does, so you don't need to attack it soon as it starts and can help your team more.
- Healers don't sleep by the pillar, stay supporting on dps (mystics aura + priests buffs/debuff), but stay the distance you know you can go to the pillar when the summoner starts moving.
- It doesn't say on the screen, but as soon as the summoner will do his move, he swings his hand. That's when you go to the pillar.
- Stun the boss when you see he is gonna jump. A jumping boss can [filtered] you over.
- The boss don't hit hard, so rangeds can stay closer, and watch out for aoes, try to kill the boss near the summoner.
- Don't tank him faced the gate, sometimes he jumps there and makes you lose time.
Second Boss:

How to:
- This boss hits way harder than the normal mode, you'll get one shotted w/o anarchics and one shotted if it crits on some skills.
- The spikes are not dodgeable, except some spots where it bugs, but its not 100%. The only way to not die is to stand behind the boss and use him as a shield.

- The spikes doesn't one shot everyone. Truffles can tank it with Kaia's Shield. Don't try to tank it tough, but use your shields and defense skills just in case.
- Watch out for the walk-back and jump attack, that is the main reason people die on that boss.
- He is not a DPS check, so if you want to get used to the boss, use pristine crystals.
- Try to stun or slow him when spikes come, so he doesn't do any attacks while you're hiding.
- Remember to use Kaia's Shield or Totem on spikes.
Third Boss:

How to:
- Same thing as normal mode, except the Lancer hits more, the Priests spawn way faster and the Fireballs are faster and hits double.

- Use a leather class to do the fireball room, and use Pristine crystals if you will go there, don't need to use Anarchics and die if you screw up.
- The fireballs are normal monsters, so Stalwart Crystals work, and they are really cheap.
- If the healer helps DPS on the totem, you can kill it without spawning sometimes.
- Tell the lancer to stun the boss when he tries to buff himself. Sometimes we kill him with 1 stack only.
Last Boss:

How to:
- Kaprima hits harder, but has the same speed. Also, you have 10 minutes to kill her before she one shots everyone.

- Play it safe, don't die. Usually you can kill him better with solid dps than rushing like the last BT boss.
- Stun or dodge the whirlwinds, they are the main reason of the deaths.
- Kaprima's Snake head dies in 5 hits, don't hit it.
- If you're a priest, use energy stars on the snake head and regeneration circle, you'll get everyone.
- Wait for the biggest nuke to start the fight. The countdown only starts when the boss gets hit. (Fireblast or Thunderstrike)
- Remind pre-emptive healing. Lock-on to your melees if you see the attack before they, and heal as soon as they get hit.
- You can Dodge the snake head 1 shot (Warriors/Slayers) or Stone Skin it (Sorcs), but i wouldn't recommend it. (You can hit the boss in the center even when he is flying, his hitbox doesn't move)
- When the boss flies to lock onto someone, you can still hit him with aoe attacks. Archers stunning him with the 60 traps is the best thing as you can cancel the lock-on. Sorcs sleep also work, aswell as Rain of Arrows and Fireblast. (Don't lose time)

Kelsaik's Nest (Hard Mode)

Single Healer Composition:

Double Healer Composition:

All these videos are on my channel, feel free to whisper me ingame. If you have any other tips or think i'm doing something wrong, please tell.
That's it, i'll edit if more updates.
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I knew a guy that had the name "Aracoonstolemypenus". He got dced from the game and when he logged back in, his name was "iloveracoons".

He got in a support chat with the gm and managed to change to other thing though, was fun seeing him with that name.
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Even with low quality your video is pretty nice Idiom!
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Tamoketh on 04/18/2012, 06:45 AM - view

ChoppaGurl on 04/18/2012, 05:09 AM
Japan/Korea already has tons of games like this out anyway for awhile now. Your just getting a re-hashed smeared version with glitches and whatever else heck happens to this from En Masse. @_@
4) Really? Please point me in the direction of another MMO like TERA as far as the combat goes. Only game I can think of is the Monster Hunter series, and they aren't the same thing as an MMO.

Well, i don't know if i can post those other game names here, but there's quite a few. DragonQuest, Continent of the Ninth, Vindictus are some. But they're not even close to Tera. DragonQuest has cartoonish graphics and not so much to do, Vindictus is more of a PvE game and blocks a lot of Country's IP and C9 is in a CBT full of lag, bugs, ugly and is going to be cash based.
Tera is the best this year has to offer, it is only rivaled by D3 and GW2, but D3 is another style of game, and we still have to wait to see the full of GW2 to see if will be good as its being said, most of it is just speculation because of GW1.

And for those complaining about EME, they have the best support i have ever seen and the amount of lag + bugs was low in the CBTs, for a action game, thats pretty awesome.