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If you had logged in first, that person probably would have been making this same thread.

Either way, you have my sympathies. :(
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Character: Lyndey
Server: Dragonfall
Dungeon: Fane of Kaprima
Time: 7pm EST (Saturday 9/8)

PC Info:

Core i7 3.4ghz
GTX 590 card
Verizon FiOS
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KenpachiZaraki on 09/03/2012, 02:14 PM - view
Character level is a bad idea. People make chars to reserve a name before they are ready to level said character. Account type (i.e preorder, special edition etc) should be the only factor before the firts come first serve happens.

So what you are saying is you are okay with losing your Main Character's name to my 7th lvl 1 alt that has seen 0 hours of play time because I am a CE pre-order?
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Took me 55 attempts over two days to get my T12 axe from +5 to +6.

I think that is a bit excessive...
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I am up to 44 failed attempts to get my T12 axe from +5 to +6.

I have tried whites, mostly greens, a couple blues, and a couple golds. No dice.
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Because of my work schedule I can participate in ONE Nexus a week.


Need more Nexus times.
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Magic Tank.

Heavy Armor
Sword and Shield
Less Defense/HP than Lancer

Uses health taps to siphon off enemy health to self heal which will make up for lack of Defense/HP that Lancer has.

Kind of like Dark Templar from AoC.
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Critique on 05/13/2012, 07:22 AM - view
Jinu on 05/13/2012, 06:45 AM
Critique on 05/13/2012, 06:10 AM
Well, by that logic sorcerers should be insta-kicked too, because priest and mystic won't be in a same party.

But as someone who mains lancer, I do hate it when I see a berserker in my party :)

Why do you hate to see a berserker in your party? this will be a good one... I'm sure. If the shoe was on the other foot you'd know exactly what I was talking about. The problem lies with the fact that the lancer is in high demand and does not want to compete for loot. Like I stated Warriors can't que as a tank so we(The Berserkers) are at the mercy of them being oh so important.

It's not exactly hard to figure out, is it? Yes, you can hate me (and other lancers who doesn't like berserkers in their party either they are open about it or not) all you want but the fact of the matter is you are very replaceable while we are currently the only viable tanks endgame. Tanking isn't easy, and I would much rather not have to compete for loot. That's just how it is, I'm simply more honest about it.

^ This

This is the problem that we have. En Masse needs to get a fix in for this or there won't be any free ranging Berserkers at end game. Because it seems like for every Lancer that says "oh I don't mind having a Berserker in the group" there are 10 greedy geese that are more than willing to boot if Leader or drop group if not.
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I too have felt the sting of the Lancer in the LFD tool.

I was jumped in it for a run of NT. When the group popped after about 30mins I was all "yayyy! I can do these stor... wait, where did the Lancer go?"

He dropped because he didn't want to possibly share loot that might have dropped with me since I am a Berserker.
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GlitchTwoSix on 05/05/2012, 03:11 PM - view

NA doesn't have the soundtrack, first off.

Ahh... yeah it does.

Remove the game discs from the case, that last disc in the stack, the one that says "SOUNDTRACK" on it?


That's the soundtrack.