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I use CS pretty much on cooldown. Basic rotation is something like:

CS/Pounce > TC > BD > CS/Pounce > RoB

The reason for CS/Pounce is whether my atk speed is high enough to get through the rotation before CS is off CD in that particular cycle. After that, the priority list goes like:

Charge (forget the exact name) > BD (for that 16% of the time BD resets twice)

With the usual rotation taking precedence as soon as RoB or TC are off CD.

Why am I using CS and RF for no reason? Edge generation seems important. Scythe hits reasonably hard enough that I want to maximize edge generation. I look at from the point of view that the abilities I am using are worth what they do *in addition to* extra scythe damage. Sure, pounce hits hard, but it costs mana and doesn't generate edge (I think...I could be wrong in which case I need to re-examine my rotation).

I have no downtime for special abilities with this rotation/priority list. The only times I use combo attacks are when I need to for mana (and I usually just chug a pot if it's going to take too long to build mana for the next cycle). I also like to think I'm pretty decent.
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I just got kicked from a cross-server guild run for no particular reason. How do I prevent this from happening again? Is there a way to ensure this doesn't happen to me again other than making sure we stay in combat at least every 2 minutes so they cannot kick?
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Is the OP mad because someone set them up the bomb?
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Also, which is the best color, from top to bottom in list form?
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Out of curiousity, how do you expect to pvp effectively when everyone is 1 shotting you and you cannot outheal incoming dps due to a gear disparity? If you don't play a healer as a mystic, you won't be in groups for getting gear drops, which means you'll be stuck with level 60 leveling gear for a good 2-3 months before battlegrounds are implemented. At the point BGs are released, everyone will think you're terrible since you've been underperforming all this time, and you won't be invited to BG groups, which will increase the gear gap.

Do you have an actual plan for making your character more powerful beyond what is possible from crafted gear, other than raging at everyone on the forums?
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Hardcore is when you explicitly show the PvP.
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Why are you so certain that some of those Elin aren't male?
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Omg I do too!
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I happen to think that plenty of great restaurants offer both vegetarian and meat options, and that offering one does not exclude the other.

...unless the restaurant does not wash dishes and owns a single cooking implement. Then I could see how the two dishes don't mix. It would probably not pass the FDA inspection, however.
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There's plenty of things about which I disagree with you. However, I do have a little more insight into the reasons you do not want a cross-server system, so I don't feel like this was a waste. I never played RIFT, so I don't really know what the trolling was like, but it does sound bad from what you describe/my imagination. It seems like there were a lack of ways to prevent interaction with people you didn't want to interact with. That is, in my opinion, more an issue of implementation rather than the ultimate result of any cross-server system. A good system would allow players to add someone to an ignore list and never have to be put into the same group/whatever with them. Would you be more amenable to a system where you could blacklist people from being matched with you?

If you're genuinely curious, the cross-server premades are quite intuitive. Blizzard introduced a game-wide system for adding friends (based on your account name rather than character name). To group with them, you merely invited their account to the group rather than the character, and it functioned as a normal group would. You could even run instances with them. It helped me keep in touch with people that I knew on other servers, and I have nothing but fond memories of that system.