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lol hardmode so mad
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Can you guys keep Hardmode on this thread and not mine? He's gonna infect mine with his toxxins and it will end up like this one. I don't want that also Bishuno your not that great no offense but I've seen gunners on fulminate/deviate better then you. If you want to talk [filtered] I dare you to put on something that isn't tensus +15 and try dueling people without max charms or buffs I bet you the results will be drastically different then all the things you're claiming right now. Anyways Keep Hardmode on this thread his toxxins don't need to reach mine and ruin it ty
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After reading Bishouno's posts, I'm pretty sure that 99% (i'll use a % instead of MOST since hardmode doesn't seem to understand english really well) of people can conclude that Bishouno is a 5 year old kid that needs to be kept away from. And anyone that is good in the pvp scene can conclude he is pretty bad at his class.

But hey, since hardmode doesn't have any friends, of course he'd lie about why Bishouno is such a good person and all. Poor thing hardmode, now you've turned into lonermode and desperate for any friends you can find :(
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Yune on 09/23/2015, 04:48 AM - view
BTW hardmode how mad were you when you broke a vrysk last night LOL

lol Hardmode can buy about 400 vyrsk if he want to, why would he get mad about 1?
Remeber not everyone is a poor kid like you xD
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Kek, funniest [filtered] i read all week. Keep up the good work.
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Due to the obscene number of personal attacks and vulgar/offensive language violations in this thread, I am locking it. Please remember to read the code of conduct and forum rules for future posting endeavors!