Vanadio Lvl.65
Mount Tyrannas (PVP65)
Castanic Warrior
I like Rogue/Assassin classes, Slayers seemed more like a Warriors from WoW (heavy, not quite mobile) (Disclaimer: i suck being a Slayer), but I like the burst they have.

Then I went to Warrior, who has a quite good mobility but lacks burst. It has everything a Rogue class must have (although they don't go invisible, quite a flaw there) but it doesn't have burst. Scythe is the only skill hitting really hard, and in order to use it, you need to have plenty of stacks, and that isn't anymore "burst".

I played it Assault everytime, and these last days I tried D-Stance. D-stance is quite challenging and I like that, although it makes the Warrior even less bursty and more oriented to long fights, like a Duelist (not an Assassin). D-stance played correctly can 1v1 everything from what i've seen, although ping plays a big role too (im actually with 190-220ms).
I think i'll stick to A-stance, a bit slower but with better burst. Backstab combos really hurts. Survivability is it's main weakness, but i'm used to be One-shot deleted, so i guess it's ok.

So the big question here is how rewarding is playing Warrior these days when Gunners/Reapers/Brawlers can be better at almost everything with less than half of the skills (and no ping issues).