How long until Automatic Sign-Out?

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So ... I logged into the forums, I've been jumping around in different topics and responding. Then I went to Facebook and looked around. When I came back, not only did it appear as though some of my posts had disappeared, but I also found that I was logged out.

What's the timeframe for auto-logout? Is there auto-logout?

And did we lose posts just a minute ago?
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It does appear that the timeout is a bit aggressive. We've noted it in our "Known Issues" list. Thanks for the report!
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No problem!
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Hope it has high priority.

It bothers me a lot since I could be actively browsing and replying and then suddenly find myself kicked out. You'd assume the system kicks on idle and not just pure time.

I've had the same aggressive systems bother me on job searches in the past. They ask you to write your personal letter in the little box, then log you out if it takes you over 10 minutes to type it in. Like they want half-assed applications instead of well written ones.

Oh well, enough ranting.
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This automatic sign out needs removed entirely. I stay logged in to the numerous websites I sign up for for a reason. I'm really tired of waking up every morning and needing to bother logging in, or even coming back after watching a movie or being out a bit and NOPE, GOTTA RELOG!