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it wasnt recent but i thought id share a fun story. When Vault of Kaprima was still around we did a 5 man zerker run which was hilarious seeing 5 spinning characters around a boss is pure entertainment. Yes we cleared it though we did wipe twice at kaprima and to this day its still my best zerker achievement \o/ i also finally got my first VM item since i started playing in 2012 lol, as ive swapped mains more than id care to admit ive mained zerker for about a year now and FINALLY set about and made SF axe.
Does anyone know if we're getting our roll this patch because they keep promising to give us a roll not in tank mode but it never seems to appear
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\o/ ffff so i won the picture comp aaaand my amani cant even wear the [filtered] thing -_- well i guess i can give it to one of my other characters but still. EME seem to have a massive aversion to putting femamanis into school uniform like outfits. What utter bull crap.
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I may add that these 2 goons "try" to play tera too and by play i mean shove their arse on the keyboard, knock the keyboard on the floor or in cleo the leonbergers case, squash the bloody life out of me XD (she weighs 50Kg/7 Stone)

Im the face of Olvina,Deeja,Steelheart.Ellie,Solaire of Astora and others :3

Deeja was my main for ages but i swapped a while back to Olvina the elin zerker as my main. Though most of you might recognize Deeja over vina :3

Ive mained zerker for a year now and ive had people tell me to switch my mains to one of the other characters i have due to people not wanting a zerker unless they're like full +15 ect ect (im full dread so its not tooo bad) and ive been declined lfg because im only in dread and they would prefer a +12 gunner over a +12 zerker. We WERE promised our roll when we werent in tank mode like how slayers have their roll for an iframe but that is yet to still materialize.
I dont care if people say we're the lowest dps, the bottom of the pack. I ENJOY playing this class more than most other classes (well other than lancer but no one wants them either over a brawler these days)
Ive learned to get around having basically no iframes, though i have to explain to people to not overlap their circles with my in fi or KD or i end up leaping striking into their circles and end up dying. When they listen its great, can clear the dungeon no deaths but when they ignore your request you get labled a trap because you keep dying to other peoples selfishness. They do tend to forget we dont really have an iframe and i dont count our 1 "iframe" because you have to charge a skill then use the strike which in things like fi you really dont have time to be charging [filtered] to try and dodge XD

wow i cant believe i won, there were so many amazing entries. Im glad that torchide won too, showing the aman love <3 lol.
ive been playing since 2012 and i have 12 lvl 65 characters and ive splurged now and then on emp....my "worth" to EME....tier 2. Kinda cross about that seens as quite a few people i know that have less characters, time and money put in got higher tiers and most of us "normal" folk have stuff like work so we dont have time to try and grind the dungeons daily with every single character for the pittance it pays out points wise. So as EME considers my "loyalty" to this game a 2/10 i think i will be keeping all my hard earned cash, hell saves me money in the long run i guess lol
well after the amount i have spent and the 12 lvl 65 chars i have and im still only tier 2, i think this is bloody stupid tbh. I dont have time to grind dungeons for a pittance in points daily and the rewards for anything below tier 4 are crappy. Ive been playing for 4 years and im honestly not impressed if this is all they have to offer. *shrugs* maybe EME values their very rich clients over us "poor" folks
i dont understand how udon got tier 4. I have 12 lvl 65 spent a fair few emp and been elite for a while...i got tier 2!!! frigging 2. Not even funny. I cant even be bothered trying to do dungeons for points because im so far behind the rewards at this level isnt even worth it and to get to a tier where it would be worth it would take far FAR too much time for me to invest in to this.
I think maybe one or two people here are in the positive lol. The rest are waaaay in the negative being down voted. Kinda sad really, seens as a lot of people have put effort into entering.
This is why we cant have nice things lol, but then the trolls arent the ones judging the contest so all their downvotes count for naught :3
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