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Well nobody isn't reading what i answer in this post ... that's already boring, it looks like CS so much ...

"If 5 people are flying SS and the leader ordered to attack SG, they disobey. But their intent is to cap mid or ninja, so their ultimate goal is to win for the team. This is why they arent kicked. If you see one player taking a stroll thru the meadow and not going for objectives, you can clearly say that there's no intent to contribute. These players will be kicked. "
-> Well ... yes .... but no ... like i said it 3 times already, 90% of the time those players aren't kicked anyway beacause most of players don't care about kick vote while they are in fight.
And like i said, people who want to ninja and really do something for the team are not to kicked, so i don't even know why you'r responding this ....

I am a full PvP player, im doing CS all day long, and is frustrating to see people that ruin the effort of the rest... For example, a lead that calls 5-1-5 should learn to play and should be kicked out...
-> Go read what i've said, there is no fixed rules in CS, and you must adapt the strat depending on your ennemys and team capacity ... before saying l2p ... plz watch yourself, caus like i said it, 5-1-5 was obviously needed in this situation, and we lose because 5-1-5 wasn't in place, and for this only reason.

Please, if somebody want to comment again, read all the messages before, i'll not repeat myself over and over again.

Thanks !

Thanks for your answers, but i do not agrea with any of you.

The things you say are :
You need to kick peoples who are doing bad things and don't know how to play and do not listen leader.
-> Well, you talk about those 5 taking SS when we say 20/20 gate and all ... in all CS i have done, i absolutly never see any of them kicked, and it's the same for people who keep pvp while we are all inner ...
And you know why, just beacause almost everybody don't give a f*** about that during the CS, they just kick vote before ot start and that's all.
And anyway, the leader isn't a god, people are free to play whatever they want, if they want to try ninja because they know what they doing why not ? And sometimes it bring the team to victory, so it's egoist to think only leader is in charge, it's a team game you know !

Then you say we need kick vote for afk.
-> Well, surprise, there is an automatic kick system, and if it's not efficient enough, then just reduce the time you can just not move and it'll be enough for afks ... ppl who afk and keep moving for not being kick are extremly rare, so taking a decision only for this limited situation isn't fair.

Next, you talk about the spawn time, you think 20 sec is enough to spawn ?
-> When like i just told it in my message, you know, a lot of people don't have a gamer pc and all, or can get connexions issues, and i don't know why they should be punished for this. Stop thinking only for yourself please, it's the same when you'r saying "if i get kicked then i just afk and go grab a drink" well, people are not all like you, and for my exemple, i can't play this often, i've got others things to do, so when i can play only 1 hours or less, if i lose already 30 min beacuse i get kicked for no reason, it is a total waste of time, and the game is bringing much less pleasure than what is supposed to, and it's boring after all.

Finaly, a most "strategic" question. You discuss about my leaders choices.
-> Well first i got the lead, i never tag without "being able to lead", then if i got lead, it's beacause i got a good ranking, and it's because nobody else want to lead. Then, if you don't want responsabilities, stop criticise what the lead is doing. It's you's a smartas* then tag as "able to lead" then lead and stop cry. Anyway if you don't agrea with the lead, you can maybe talk, and you don't need to kick him like that ... be smart sometimes it doesn't hurt !
And, sorry but, if i decide to do more than 4-1-4 it's because there is a reason. Like i told you, the ennemy team was a bit yolo rush, and i knew there are a lot of lvl <65 in my team, i knew 4-1-4 wasn't enough against a 20 raid people. Caus yes, people who are defending ladders are not obviously pro pvp players or lvl 65 and all ... And at the end, i was right, because they did the 4-1-4 instead of what i've said, and they were not able to defend the 20 people rush on the ladder, so ... nop, sometimes it's not enough ! There are no absolute rules in CS.

And of course, you consider every player like they should know exacly how CS works, and punish them if they don't. Well, you now most of people don't, there are a lot of lvl <65, new players and all.
So yes there is a leader for them, but everybody make mistakes, and punishing them the hard way isn't the right way to do for doing them play better.

So in conclusion, kick vote in CS, like i said it, isn't fair, and isn't a solution, even for every situations you exposed to me.

I'm here because i'm fuc*ing tired about CS !
I like to play pvp, but people are so toxic in CS ... however this is not the problem here i want to talk about.

The problem is about the kick vote in CS.
I want it to be remove, or at least change ! Because it' is a tool for toxic player to be more toxic, and nothing else !

I've discuss it with some people, and they tell me "yes but we need to kick afk players blabla" ... but no, we don't, there is an autokick system ! If the player is just moving every minutes ... well then it's not happening so often, take a screen and send it to the support and that's all. I know it's not optimal, but it's the less harmfull for others players.
Caus kick vote is toxic.

Last exemple, just 5 minuts ago, i did a CS, first phase, attack one, the lead is afk, well that's happen, in fact he wasn't afk he just didn't realised he was the lead : he was kick less than 15 sec after he spawn in. So this is so brainless, and also it happend too for ppl who got some lags, they are lead but it take time for them to spawn in an they are kick even before getting in sometimes.

Well then, the lead was kick, the lead pass to someone else, an this person gave me lead. Then i've one my job more than correctly, i did the right call at the perfect time, my team leaked at a ladder due to my call and we get inside, they were in difficulty but i manage to down the cristal almost alone and finished him !
So we won in like less than 8 min, wasn't super good, but i did my job, and we did not bad, and without my lead and my call i guess we could not even finished before 10 min (y we were in deep difficulty before it).

So, next phase, defense one, i gave my instructions, 5-1-5, because i saw how ennemys were playing, that's why we leaked at the ladder, that's the kind of team who go all in, so this 5-1-5 with mid canons watchins for SS were obvious. However i am the lead and i managed the victory just 1 min before.
But no, a toxic guy who cried from the start didn't agrea with me and cried again like "omg no 5-1-5 or it's lost blabla".
So he decide to launch a vote for kick me ...

Usualy before the doors openned afk are kicked, so people are used to say yes like robots, and they don't even look at the name.
So, toxic players can launch a vote, and you got like 1/2 chance to be kick for absolutly no reason.
If you just "don't like" this player or whatever, want to be toxic, you got 1/2 chance to ruined his CS and his time.


So of course, i've been kicked for no reason, ppl di 3-1-3 instead of what i've said because the toxic guy took back the lead, and they lose because all the ennemy team climbed where 3 ppl was not enough for defending so they lose.

But however, i don't care they won or not, the problem is : kick vote is unfair and is not usefull for anywthing and just gave toxic players tools for being even more toxic.

And i am really really tired of this, this is happening very frequently and i want it to change !
Like i said, kick vote is not needed in CS !

P.S. Sorry for grammar faults, english is not my mother's tongue :')
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Digivolve on 01/16/2016, 05:58 AM - view
If no one withing the team clicked "able to lead", it will choose the person with the highest rank at the time. Apart from the medal on your bar a big message pops up in the middle of your screen saying "You are now raid leader". If this happens to you a lot I suggest checking if you're the lead first thing you do when you enter CS.

Yes i know, i should, but like i told you, i often use this 2 min for getting a glass of water or something else, and i'm not waiting in front of my screen during the 30 min queue ... too much waisted time.
So yes i know i "should" but over this i think it's not fair at all to be kicked just because you were not looking your screen for the 5 first sec tag, and anyway due tro lags i often don't see messages at all.
So yes it leave the "meddal" thing, but no, being kicked just because you don't check this little thing every time isn't fair.
And if i'm lead this often, maybe that's because i'm a good CS player :') ? So what's the point to kick me, not in the player's interest :S

Vladshae on 01/16/2016, 06:37 AM
That happens cuz in general people don't like to read.
Also, some players start a kick vote to avoid being kicked. How? Simple: while the raid decide if some random should be kicked or not, they lose the chance to kick those that should be.

that doesn't work. Most of the time, this system kicks people guarding/climbing ladders, having lag spikes, waiting inside ships/sieges...

We had quite a few nice suggestion to improve this BG, but none of those were take into consideration, and it's not likely that it will get any better.

Ok, then i guess i'll keep crying when i'll get kicked for no reason T_T
Ty ^^
Hi !

I'm a causal player, and i'm doing some Corsair for getting the daily quest.
Well, i'm getting bored of other players attitude in CS !
Before the game even start, there is like 1-5 kick votes every time !
You can't even go to the bathroom during 30 sec if you need it before the game start !

That's becoming ridiculous, and i would like to know if other players feel the same about this kick problem in CS.
When somebody launch a kick vote, almost half of the raid say yes without even thinking about why.
And now, if you just want somebody being kick just because you don't like him, you can use the vote and you got 1/2 chance for him getting kicked for no reason !
That's totaly unfair.

One thing more, i never click on "able to lead" but caus i got good kda i'm often automatic leader in CS. And that is a problem too !
First, if i don't click "able to lead" maybe it's because i am not able to lead ???
Then except the little medal, there is nothing for advertising you that you are the actual lead !
And since i'm not supposed to lead, caus i unclick "able to lead" i don't attempt to say strat and all, so for this, since i'm in the CS for 20 sec, as "lead" without knowing it, i'm automaticly kick voted, and i often realised it after it's too late.

There is an automatic afk kick system, so being able to kick players like this even before the automatic system, half of the time for no reason, is abusive, and should be removed !
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