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That piece is beautiful, I love the colours.

My first thought was Isren as well, but since someone already guessed that then I'll guess that maybe it's Isren's daughter Icaruna? Daughter of the goddess of the faeries Icaruna was a peaceful goddess until her mother was killed in the actions of the other gods following the war. What happened to Icaruna after is speculated differently-- some say she was killed Sikander (Kelsaik) after Sikander lost his mind after Isren was killed, but what's more likely is that Icaruna's cousin, Killian, killed her and absorbed her soul due to his infatuation with her. Which is why you see Killian in cutscenes in-game talking with a male voice and then sometimes a female voice along with having heterochromia. (though i always figured his green eye was originally Icaruna's rather than the red) Though this could also just be Killian being crazy himself, I don't think Icaruna's fate is 100% ascertained ingame.
Glad you're enjoying the priest experience, fam. Glyphing focus heal for extra distance AND extra target lock-on (from 2 to 3) is very important for party play, which is where you'll be most of the time, even leveling, since dungeons give the best exp. Once you get into the higher levels and pick up core skills (mana charge, energy stars, kaia's shield, etc) you'll get the idea of how different priest plays compared to mystic.

The posters above pretty much explained it to a T; priests are super supportive and defensive, they have better damage absorption and huge burst healing capabilities which give them the power to save even the messiest runs. Mystics offer more offensive buffs (auras) to their party, and are all around more offensive themselves with their thralls, contagion, etc even one of their core healing skills, boomerang pulse, is offensive as it damage enemies if it hits them. These rolls translate over to PVP as well, where mystics have numerous and powerful CC skills to disrupt enemies and set up kills (and also score kills with thrall of wrath) where priests are healing everyone through the incoming damaging and cleansing all debuffs (along with other support; arise, kaia's shield, etc).

If you really love healing you might find yourself maining both priest and mystic, because both may be healers but they play so differently from each other that it doesn't feel repetitive playing both classes (at least i think so!).
On another note, if you want to read/watch guides to see how to be the best healer you can be I know for certain there's really great priest guides on youtube. Mystic I'm not 100% sure on, but chances are they're out there too.
Not sure if it's even worth repeating myself since I don't think this'll get checked before the event is over but; still any chance of BG cap getting reset early? Or are the power hours gonna remain useless?

if u see me in fwc as fodder pls no kickerino blame eme
For some reason I remember the pictures in the Eldritch Academy, I suppose 'cause of how they change after awhile and 'cause the music that plays in one certain room. You don't hear it anywhere else in-game I think and it's one of the best songs on the OST imo (maybe after Echo Ranch), it sounds like a jaunty irish jig, I love it.

Skywhales are definitely very 'Tera'. Same with anything argon to me, since argons are still my favourite enemy type. Hmm.. The elevated 'houses' in Seeliewood. The 'ERP' spot outside or Tralion (or was it Tria?) you know the one, with the little house and heart on the floor. Oh, and the desert questing area that's before CR? The section with the kumas have those giant helmets scattered around, those are pretty unique, hard to forget. And those fish.. in the Fountain of Shara, long and very pretty, kinda look related to the skywhale almost.

There's quite a few memorable things, but those just come to mind immediately.
The only problem I have with this (that a few others have pointed out already) is that it's pretty much the end of the week already which means most people are already BG capped, making the power hours useless until reset. Could you reset the cap early for the event?
Your reply helped a ton, thank you! I'll probably end up going for a mix & match of SF and Verno/Shining gear next patch, definitely SF gloves... and perhaps chest piece, since the grind for the weapon is a little daunting.

Thanks again~
I'd love to reserve a slot as well. You art style is very cute, you could easily charge more gold for it if you'd like to~
I gotta agree with Mobius here on the fact that 9 times outta 10 having a silent leader reduces team morale by a huge margin. CS especially since majority of CS players need that guidance otherwise they run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Even in FWC where the gameplan is the same every time just having a talkative leader to remind people of bam spawn timers is nice-- it also helps solidify that we're, you know, a team working together as a group. I think the majority of people enjoy being lead (for whatever reason is subjective) so a strong vocal leader is always a plus.

Anyway, off topic. People are salty and not too bright, just gotta learn to laugh, my friend. Sucks that you got kicked based on your level for a 30+ BG, but hey they can't stop you from continuing to queue so just keep on doing whatever the heck you want.
Now that FWC is popping consistently & starfall mats can be bought with pvp credits I was thinking of crafting a piece or two of starfall, have to do something with all these credits....

Question is which piece of gear should take priority in being crafted? Even moreso, should I bother with SF at all at this point? Currently running FWC in 12+ Dreadnaught is really not so bad at all so I question whether I should go for the upgrade or just say nah and wait 'till we get the new gears. I'm hearing lots of different things like i.e. the new gloves for healers are rubbish and so forth but nothing definitive.

When a brawler uses meat grinder and tosses someone up into the air even though they're being juggled in the air they're actually in a knocked down state-- so arise will pick them up and put them back up on their feet like it normally would to a knocked down ally. It's a good tactic to support your team against brawlers-- along with popping kaia's before the last hit of ground pound which will negate them being tossed up.