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spyder13 on 11/26/2013, 02:42 PM - view
Bahaaha. Retired for a few months, decided to stop in and see what tera world is up to. Greeted with.... Elin only class, and pay to win undies. Gg. Ill check back in in 2014, gl guys, sincerely. Happy I'm no longer invested here.

I wasn't going to post, but... yeah. Thought I'd check in on the game. Saw this thread. Nope, nope, nope.
Endia on 10/16/2013, 03:34 PM - view
Which time limit dyes are you speaking of? The ones that last for set amount of days regardless of your login time or the ones that last for set amount of hours based on when you're logged in? Remember that we're talking about the latter here.

Any dye in game used to last either 1 day or 7 days. After a while, they brought permanent dyes to the cash shop (*gag*). In all instances, these dyes could be dyed over. Only when they brought in the idiotic 1 hour change did they add in the requirement for dye to have worn off in order to dye.

It's ridiculous and good god this game is absurd.
So I log into these forums on a whim (must have been a silly whim...), only to see this thread...

If I had not randomly logged in, I never would have known, and all of my achievement rewards would be gone. Of course, now they're taking up inventory space since BHS/EME is so ridiculous that they can't even remove the "Cannot be stored in bank" tag to the items, but I suppose that doesn't matter.

Guess I can just kiss goodbye those letters I had been holding onto for sentimental value.

Good lord this game.
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Espei on 08/16/2013, 12:58 PM - view
Being first merely gives you a better chance at getting more slots.

Bahahahaha. Ah the RNG gods strike again! That's just... amazing.
Treeshark on 08/15/2013, 11:30 AM - view
As we mentioned in a previous post, we understand that this was a sudden change for all (including us) and we're sorry. Unfortunately this isn't something we can change back, but we hope to make it a bit easier by making the apothecary dyes more affordable. The apothecary dyes are now 165 EMP for 1 and 440 EMP for a pack of 3.

... Your solution is cash shop. Of course.

This a completely crap change, EME. Complete crap. 1 hour doesn't even cover a single RP scene. -_-

[edit] On further thought, this is just the last straw. I'm glad I'm nearly done with the RP plot I've been working on, because that's it. No more.
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And that would be why I said the following:

Please, please, please pressure BHS to fix their damned hats.

Hyperbolic title aside... Okay so pretty much my only purpose in TERA anymore is to level alts and roleplay, occasionally buying shiny armors off the broker to give myself a new RP outfit.

So you guys release this super awesome hat. This one:

Except you know what's wrong with it? Actually, you know what's been wrong with all of your hats since Christmas?

That is my character's actual hairstyle. :|

And don't give me any crap about how you folk don't have the ability to make hats that keep your original hairstyle. Because this is totally a thing:

Yup. That's how you do hats.

So please, EME. I need the adorableness of that summer floppy hat in my adorable elf's life. But I can't possibly do it when it changes her hairstyle so that not only does she not look like my character anymore but so that her hair clips into her forehead! Please, please, please pressure BHS to fix their damned hats. I'll even consider giving you a pass on castanic leg scars (don't shoot me, Roda!).
Diver on 08/10/2013, 03:07 AM - view
we - need - CUSTOMIZATION.

Doesn't count when it's only on the horrible swimsuits. :(
Yosha on 08/08/2013, 09:03 AM - view
Wedding Bells. Just be very cautious when viewing the last image of that album.


*disappears back into the nether*
Mushimushi on 07/19/2013, 07:22 PM - view
If you are into RPing and combat isn't a serious selling point for you, I recommend you try the upcoming FFXIV: ARR, which seems to have quite a lot of facilities to support this.

ARR is amazing for roleplay. I couldn't be happier.

Well, okay. If I had a /sleep I would be a bit happier. But I am so happy.