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Ty ill give it a go see you all soon
How has the game evolved since F2P is it worth the risk of returning
This game is not worth the money and premium services already you look like a bunch of bums on the corner begging for money.

This game went to the crapper at launch faster than Oprah at a all you can eat buffet. The classes are unbalanced the quests are long and dumb you fight the same MOBs just with different skins every mob has 8 little mobs with it.

The story line after 30 is boring and end PVP well I have read enough were I dont care.

Emasse I will never purchase your products again they are garbage !
TheHaremKing on 05/19/2012, 08:40 AM - view
And...? What do you want us to do? Follow them? Not a chance, good luck tho.

look en masse this guy says basically screw your rules!!
TERA is a mature rated game. This means there are aspects of our design that make it that way. Mature does not mean you get to act like an [filtered]. In fact, by its definition that would be immature.
Do not attack someone personally, including their race, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference, or personal beliefs. Keep it clean.
Politics: Unless it's related to the TERA political system there's no need for it. Don't name your character "[Insert Your Politician of Choice]" just so you can say "vote for me" for Vanarch.
Avoid using copyrighted and trademarked material.
Do not pretend to be an En Masse or Bluehole Studios employee unless you want to be banned.
Don’t harass, stalk, or purposely do things to make someone else feel uncomfortable.
Do not post or use graphic sexual, grotesque, and violent language or images. There are enough websites out there for this. We don’t need another one.
Child Predation or Pornography = BAN! and possibly the authorities get involved too.
Personal Information: Do not share personal information about yourself or other individuals.
Masked Profanity: We all know you can use l33t 5p34k to mask bad stuff. Don’t do it.
Real Money Solicitations: As if MMOs need more spamming for gold. This also includes power-leveling services, selling characters, items, or anything else. These services lead to account theft, credit card fraud, and stolen identities. It also sucks.
Advertising your own or someone else’s business or ventures is not acceptable behavior.
Scamming: This is like stealing. Don't do it.
Spamming: We get it. You have some awesome armor for sale. Saying it every five seconds is not the way to sell it.
Cheating: Use third party programs, macros, client side hacks, or other things that give you an unfair advantage in the game. Just because others haven’t gotten caught (yet) doesn't mean you should do it.
Hacking: This goes without saying, but don’t hack us, or someone else. Don't distribute, or promote material related to this. It’s not cool.
Trolling: You don’t want to be "that person".
Spamming Support: We want your questions and we want to answer them, but sending us 100 emails about the same subject before we get the chance to answer the first one only slows us down more. It also increases the response time for other players.
Game Exploits: Your best bet here is to let us know about these instead of exploiting them.
Private Servers: Do not participate, promote, or set one up.
CAPS LOCK: Avoid excessive use of the caps lock. It can get annoying.
Don't include hidden links to websites.
Rule 23 said "Don't make empty forum posts."
Do not request, arrange, or offer pirated materials, illegal activities, or illegal drugs.
Do not use a foreign language in an effort to avoid getting caught for breaking these rules.
Our employees will use their discretion to interpret if any action warrants moderation, whether it is mentioned here or not. We also have a magic genie that grants us the ability to make more rules, but we rather use those powers to make cool stuff for you.

When will you follow your own rules!!

Stop the trolls and harassing!!
I pressed the button since day one it does nothing same people run by call me [filtered] and other hateful things.

Game is being hijacked by people with no Morales and hate !
This game will be 9.99 by next month the trolls were allowed to ruin it before it even started I will never buy another game from this company they promote hate and anarchy while counting the money they made Yes im calling this company out I would rather get a refund on a product were I have been harrassed bullied and called names and completely belittled by other players.

This company has left a bad taste in my mouth and I suspect alot of other players feel the same way as I do !

So in my eyes this is a fail MMO and it has no value to me but I paid 60 bucks and I sould at least voice my opinion just a bit and get some moneys worth out of it
They let these trolls run wild in and out of game I have a feeling this games gonna die out real fast!
Level 46 Archer and I have cancelled my subscription they can do the math as we quit
I rolled the class and love it

Except I deal less damage further from targets im not a warrior I shouldn't have to kiss a target to do max damage if that's the case Nerf the rest of the ranged classes to.

I want to play archer but cant the way they are you call it crying I call it a fail mmo if a class is completely crap!

Fix it please and you'll gain a customer if not fall victim like all the other mmo failures!

I like the game just make it fair!