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Given your posts, you confused "quantity" and "aggressivity". I also know from other MMOs that normal mobs are packed in groups. Triggering one causes the whole group to attack you. In former times, this caused a "train" upon chain-triggering other nearby groups and you mostly ended up dead.

Taken my share of dirt naps no doubt, but that is just how I am used to mobs responding; and more than worth a trip to the shrine now and then for those razor sharp intense fights. : )

Tera however is more casual friendly and you can't chain-trigger mobs. Also the groups are packed into quite small packs (e.g. 1 normal mob and 5 minions). The experienced Tera players just ride into the mobs, collect them and AoE them. With this choice, you are free to collect whatever number you can stomach.

Keep in mind that there are also single target classes out there and most AoE skills are not available right from the start. If you would have mob packs sizes of e.g. 5-8, some classes would really have to fight for their life every time.

Yes!! not a bad thing so long as one has a reasonable chance to prevail. I dont enjoy being one shoted or zerged more than anyone; but if a fight requires timing, luck and focus; thats a good fight.

And this would counter the old MMO basic rule "Easy to learn, hard to master".

Of course one expects the first 10 levels or so to be a walk, but beyond that one hopes the challange curve goes pretty rapidly up, no?

Personally, I consider myself a pretty casual player. I dont chases Elite Armors, or Weapons; or other grinds. I just like to log in at the end of the day; waste some mobs, see some new maps. Maybe help someone else along. But I do like when I get into an engagement that there is a reasonable chance I can loose. Nothing worth doing is easy after all. C.

Oh yea, I do understand Agg Ranges, but like in GW1 one needs only poke one Summit Dwarf to get 20 or more such uglies attention; Mobs in a given group react together, makes pulls something of an art. Or if a Patrol comes in agg range of a fight, will jump in. Sometimes much to my Chigrin.

Really liking Tera so far, but I do hope the Mobs get a good bit more aggressive as I level up. I do like it when the fight gets that fierce frantic energy going, those are the best fights no?
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Been playing about a week now, Solo'ed BOLand SM; I'm really enjoying the game; but I have found the mobs way more passive than I'm used to, Like you can bomb a mob in a line or group and they toon right next to him will not respond at all. Im more used to aggro chaining especially in dungeons.

I assume as one gets closer to Lv 65 the mobs get alot more aggressive? but it would be nice to know that for sure.
: )TY C.
Claudia De Anar here. Highwatch server.

I've been playing a week or so now, an have made Lv 32 on my Gunner. Happy to hang with Any other newbies who want to Duo some Dungeons and Such. I've nearly beat both Dungeons Solo on my first try Solo and have beat both BoL and SM with in a Duo. At this level at least you really don't seem to need a full party to succeed. C.

Anyhow feel free to Ping. C.
I notice I get a lot of Rings, EarRings et al, in my loot; which seem well pretty low value, can not be salvaged and don't stack. So is there some reason I'll find out about later for keeping these things or do most players just discard them for better loot? Thanks C.
I'm a pretty new player, tooling around Tera about a month now; and have already run into this problem. Its disappointing to find that it is very easy to find threads going back to 2012 - reporting this issue, and nothing has been done. Like so many other players I already have story items that I cannot remove from my inventory because that forces an error; but I have completed the Quest(s) and that did not remove them either.

I have an Idea, Take the Idiot Mittens off your players, and let us delete these items when we have no more use for them. There must be some property in your object the triggers some block of error trap code; please comment out the code. C.
New Player here; So Brawler would be a good class to Solo the PvE story with? No?

Maybe give it a try after I finish the story on my Archer.
Ty Much Kirine, I now have just a few crystals mounted and the results have been most satisfying; really cutting up mobs that where giving me lots of grief just yesterday; and I have bookmarked the guide you recommended. Im sure its going to be most helpful. BB.
I'm brand new to this game, so apologies for an obvious Question, but I have not been able to google an answer; Is there a minimum Character level below which you simply cannot use Crystals and Glyphs. Every time I have tried to place either it has failed.

I know Levels have to Match. That I cant play a Level 20 mod on a Lv 10 bow, but I don't think that's been my problem. BTW I know that but can you place a Level 10 Mod on a Lv 20 bow; or does it have to be equal? Anyhow I am most Curious about this as my Archer without Mods is just so slow, very hard to dance around the Uglies without at least a little speed boost. Thanks BB.