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Will enchanted items still glow if we're using the costume slot for our weapons?

I think the glow in general looks tacky as hell.
Yeah, watched the video too. I stand by what I said.
I can't see this getting off the ground in Tera because of the overwhelming amount of G.I.R.L.s
Yep, the controller options are pretty awesome.

Now just give us 360 degree movement and it'll be perfect. ;)
To be honest they just need to up the character customization.

PSO2 got it right
Very cool idea, but the tutorial mission is still a pain to newcomers.

There is way too much quest dialogue busywork and running back and forth to NPCs before you get to any actual combat.

I'm sorry, but unless you already WANT to play the game in your head, doing text quests for 5 minutes and then climbing up a ladder for 40 seconds before fighting any enemies is a total buzzkill.
This has gotta happen if Tera wants to keep up with some of the shnier action MMOs on the horizon.
To be honest, this fix has helped me play with a controller on my Berserker ten fold.

Before it would block facing the camera regardless of the setting, but now it seems like it blocks facing the character regardless of setting. While i'm personally happy with this fix, I'd like to see it work properly for those that want both options.
Just want to thank EME for fixing this bug in the latest patch.

The game is like x2 easier with a controller now.

Now all we need is 360 movement and we'll be golden.
Not after a month, no.

But this game lacks quite a few features that even MMOs from last gen have. Most of them are minor, or cosmetic, but they are enough to rub me the wrong way. If some of these things aren't in the pipeline by around September, I'll probably unsubscribe until the features I want are put in the game. It's just a personal thing, I think it's a pretty great game, but I have some obscure priorities.