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I've been having the same thing happen, which it seems is because of the gunner patch, since it never used to happen before.
Like DeadX I'm also now getting the 0008.0000 message whenever I close the game.
CelestialStar on 04/13/2012, 12:44 PM - view
I thought I'd bring up the fact that in Australia it is illegal for women who are A cups to appear in pornography and it is actually labled as pedophilia.

This is actually completely false. You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet. But hey, don't just take my word for it.
KenpachiZaraki on 04/10/2012, 06:24 AM - view
The latest Korean texture files from QoA are available online.

Use those. . problem solved.

It's not a solution when it's against the TOS and players can be banned for doing so. It's not a solution when it's not even meant to be an option. By doing this you're discouraging EME actually fixing anything since they assume that players who have a problem will just mod the game files, which is against the TOS.

Furthermore, STOP BRINGING IT UP. We have had enough threads locked already because of you people constantly talking about it.
Guys, do NOT talk about modifying the game files. It is against TERA's TOS and it'll get this thread locked.
Hell, I'm starting to suspect that the people who keep bringing it up are doing some subtle trolling to get the threads locked.
Just thought to pop in and say that even with my ~300 ping from Perth here, the CBT has been very playable. The input delay has only amounted to about 0.3 seconds, which can very easily be compensated for by matching timing to the animations.
Of course, a west coast server would be best, but this is much better than I was expecting.
Destian on 04/02/2012, 01:25 PM - view
If someone is willing to quit the game over one of those issues, like they will either get the armor the way THEY want it or NOT PLAY AT ALL, why would something as small as the language barrier matter?

Why do you think people want to play the English release of TERA in the first place? Oh, wait, it's because it's in English, and they can understand the game, and they can play with other people who speak English.
That is a hell of a lot more important to the vast majority of people than the Elin's clothes.
Torvald on 04/02/2012, 05:22 PM - view
Go to the connection manager in Toolbox and change your profile to "Gamer". This can reduce sync speed quite a bit, though cut off about 10ms for me.

I actually did that after I noticed it in there. Dropped my ping by about 10ms, yeah. Moved my jitter up to 1, though. No idea about the sync speed or what that even is though.

Don't get cranky. i wasn't trying to be a smart [filtered]. this game is 17+. Other 17+ games are BANNED by your country.

Some games are banned in our country? That must mean all games get banned in our country! Look, just go away and stop speaking rubbish. TERA doesn't have drugs or extreme violence. Furthermore, the R18+ rating for games is currently going through government and will be implemented long, long before any possible future Australian TERA release.
No, Anethma. You are completely missing the point. Look at the image from the first post of this thread.
The problem is that the changes made to the costumes have been poorly implemented (generic shorts everywhere that clash with the costumes) and are technically broken (dyes don't work and some have severe clipping issues).
EME could have taken the time to do something like in the image, and give the costumes proper makeovers that would look good. They haven't.

The issue isn't so much that the censorship has been done (though that certainly is still an issue) but how poorly it has been done.
shperax on 04/01/2012, 07:10 PM - view
Its Australia. The odds are the game will be banned from the country anyway.

Please don't say rubbish like this. It's rather ignorant.

From Perth here, with iiNet's ADSL2+. No idea about interleaving status since it's not listed anywhere in iiNet's Toolbox. Not using proxy tunnel or any tweaks.
Looks like I'm screwed here, anyway.
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You are seriously missing the point here, Fizgigz. It's not about the underwear, it's about EME making a change which is technically broken, aesthetically ugly, and most importantly, ignoring all discussion of it and pretending the issues don't exist.