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They are up now - but be quick, they are soon to be removed! The chance of getting one in the boxes are like 1/100 though, so I would recommend to buy it at the broker.
Love the fact that we get ninjas, but so mad you have to be an elin in order to be one. Especially because we already need to be elins in order to play reaper.

I do also like the fact that they change out the late-game dungeons, as I am already sick of the ones we do have.
I was really disappointed as I am a huge hello kitty fan myself. I understand the Sanrio wants to earn lots of money by doing this - therefore only letting us get it by buying boxes. Which is ok with me. But I am not happy with the content. The only cute thing is the Hello Kitty pet (which I luckily got). The mount is also fine. Other than that - MEH.

My name is Chapalux ^.^/
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