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You can see people's gear by typing "/inspect (name)"

example: /inspect Greystrike

There are certain situations where this will not work: If the person is in certain BGs/Dungeons, if the person is on another server or if the person is offline. There are other situations where it will not work, these are just the most common.

The more that you /inspect people, the more familiar you will become with when you can/can't inspect someone.

Just keep trying.

The dungeon is easy once you know all of the mechanics and have some clears under your belt.

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You said it yourself: "if yer not 65"

Most people rush through leveling so they can get to endgame. Those people aren't likely to be looking for PvP/duels during this time, though some do.

The important thing to remember is that Tera doesn't really start until you reach level cap. Once you're 65 and have spent some time doing endgame PvP, then you will be in a better place to gauge how the PvP is on your server.

Also, change channels if players are killing you. Top right corner, next to the mini-map, there is a scroll down. There should be several different channel options for you to choose from. This is the best counter to PKers.
Yosha's guide on Forsaken Island:

Keep practicing and referencing this guide, and you will get it down.

Also, Forsaken Island will be removed with ninja patch. Therefore, you have 2-3 weeks left to run it before it's gone.
I use Savage, Bitter, Pounding, Slaying

Use power charm.

Check out Redstrike's guide if you haven't, and keep practicing.

Nice update. Boxes very worth.
I had similar luck. 2 designs around release, but also one a few days ago. RNG is RNG. People who get designs are lucky AF.
I don't know how their CS matching works. It appears to me to be first-come-first-serve, but I can't confirm.

If you wish to know more about how teams are chosen for CS, search Google first. If that comes up empty, I recommend making a new thread. Post it here & Reddit. I'm sure there will be someone who can tell you more about it

No problem. Maybe I'll see you in there.

Good luck.
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1. No way to tell if a group is premade. If you really want to know you can ask after the game if they are premade, or watch closely and look for trends.
Woah.Dude definitely uses a premade(tho he might soloQ some) b/c he knows that's how to rise in ranks efficiently.

2. The higher the rank goes, the more likely that person plays with a premade b/c that's a way to better your chances of winning. High rank and premades go hand-in-hand most of the time.

3. Yes, but very hard. You have to rely on luck more than skill b/c you could get 19 pros or 19 scrubs. If you are serious about 1200+, you run a premade. Just LFG and pick your team. Pick them well and your chance for success increases significantly.
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