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Sometimes I find it hard to find corpses to raise when I'm playing Priest. Especially Elins in Wonderholme.
Hostile Club FTW
Sucrilhus on 02/26/2014, 06:44 AM - view
Don't take forum reputation too seriously, really... it doesn't matter. All that matters is the content of the post.

I'm not taking it seriously, in fact I'm treating it like a badge of awesome. If anything I'm just trying to highlight how pointless this forum feature is! :) Later today I'm going to go on a massive upvote/downvote spree just to mess with people :P
WTB a cape without a split in the middle.

I love the art style of this game sometimes but I really get the impression that the gear designers at BHS are reject clothing designers that couldn't cut it in the fashion world.

-Le Chinchilla Hostile
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OP, why do you let other's play-style affect you so personally?

Would you pay to win if you could afford it?

I personally wouldn't, the comic strip Zuvel posted pretty much sums it up.

-Le Chinchilla Hostile
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Some times people are just jerks! You have to understand that these are people who have been emotionally scarred by other people being jerks, and it's almost second-nature to perpetuate the jerk cycle.

All you should do is pretend like it never happened, carry on as normal. Don't fall into the jerk cycle.

-The Hostile Chinchilla
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I fully endorse the OPs suggestion of adding a place to dance and new /dances. As well as a venue for Player made social events! Maybe a disco dancefloor/ training ground near popori elinu? :D

To the post below the OP, I think the music is fitting for the most part, there are some songs that get on my nerves just because of the sheer -saturday-morning-cartoon atmosphere it gives, but there are some tracks that really just get me lost in the zone!

You want to talk about bad tracks? listen to this for about 6 hours straight and tell me how you feel about TERA's music.
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Last night I stumbled upon the fair near Chebika. Freehold I think it's called. I was kind of confused at first when I got to the area. I hadn't been there for a year, and I never read anything about the festival prior to.

I tried out all the games, I think the hay one was my favorite. The cooking took me a few minutes to understand, but I'm not used to having to read in this game with so much flavor text. I got to the lotus patch on my second try, I was laughing so hard when I missed that jump.

Overall it was a fun experience, it was a nice break from the grind! :)

Bahhh so hostile!!!
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Very interesting replies, I'll be hitting 60 on priest soon, any dailies geared towards this class specifically?
I kind of like the randomness personally. I just wish there was more variety!

But I'm hostile so.. beware my opinions :P