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lauwilson on 12/20/2015, 02:32 AM - view
When it came out 47 boxes got 0 then I gave up.

Yeah I caved and just sold two gold boxes for 64k, and got the smart box for 63k. How convenient that was, my poor wallet. GG EME
R u srs there's no bonus for master hest 13-15?
They could have easily made the new classes available for one female and one male each.
NoirLee on 12/18/2015, 11:18 PM - view
O.o so you just came back. Well that's your money gl with your sword. Au revoir
Thanks, shadowlaced greatsword looks great with my tux and cinder ;)
I just started playing again today. I bit the bullet and sold two gold boxes to get the damn sword I wasted 60 dollars on trying to get in boxes. it'll be about a month until i get sick of the routine probably.
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NoirLee on 12/18/2015, 09:34 PM - view
How you you define being toxic? Just because I said troll or QQ doesn't mean I'm toxic. I haven't cussed or anything along the line. Why are you being so sensitive? Fool can't even make a joke in the forums without being called toxic smh. Also I never stated my opinion nor do you know where I stand.

Someone who tries to poison the conversation and seemingly try to get a rise out of people by casually throwing unnecessary ad hominem passive-aggressively, within the rules of the chat format.
DeanCorso on 12/18/2015, 04:59 PM - view
You know what is the biggest issue with Tera? it the community, is one of the most awful and Elitist communities, full of players who thinks they are the best of the best just because they spend +10 hours in front of the computer playing tera like crazy to get their +15 Lucid or Starfall just to get into any high level dungeon and discriminate other players with lower gear because "they're scrub".

Old players here, or the experienced ones didn't even bother to help or explain things to the people so they can get into Tera, they didn't even help in learning runs or taking time to explain mechanics or how to play certain character. I'm from CH and most of my chars are there and I've seen lots of those players specially from certain guild I'm not gonna mention but people can figure out that. Obviously someone is gonna quote just to say "B-But I help muh friends and stuff", so hypocrite.

About the other points I agree with you but BhS and EME are the issue here, they don't even listen the community and the people managing the relationship with the so called "community" are tumblr tier.

Wow damn what server are you on? I have met lots of nice people on mt tyranas :/ sure there's elitists but I mean you can find just as many casual & friendly people.
TWMagimay on 12/18/2015, 03:05 PM - view
So, your complaint it that there isn't a spoon feeding you everything? But, well, here's what I found: And down in the archer forum, there's some tips and stuff. More than enough to get you started. Of course, at some point you'd need to start thinking...I guess I can see how that'd be an issue.

PS: If you need to find what gear to wear because you can't figure it out yourself, no guide would be able to help you anyway.

EDIT: There's always I don't know how good or bad it is as I cannot force myself to listen to Tonka stumble his way through a conversation for more than 30 seconds but I assume it's decent enough.

Thanks for this, you don't need to be so rude though.
JinxyKat39 on 12/18/2015, 02:31 PM - view
Why was the other post removed? As far as i could tell it was respectful and constructive. Not impressed with that kind of action. -_-

Because the hardcore fans close their eyes and plug their ears and go lalalalalalallalalala

when someone points out a flaw in their precious, they start to have a mental break down
JinxyKat39 on 12/18/2015, 02:10 PM - view
I see male characters all over, all the time. Aman, human, castanic, high elf, popo and baraka (the last are a bit more rare, but not so much that you freak out when you see one) Your server must be a taco factory, Foxie.