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Very nice drawings, :)

It's funny though I've been refusing to watch anime lately if it has anything to do with highschool. Even if it's not a school anime, if there's some like glaring stereotype/ overused character archetype/ annoying screaming for the sake of screaming, I just don't watch it.

With that said, if we see male school uniforms, I hope they are dyable ;)

Dooooes anyone know where the templates were for the goth contest? I think it was in pdf format?
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Returning 65 archer and i need assistance getting my crystals and glyphs in order for pve and pvp. Google and this website's search function are not helping. Most of the information I've found is outdated.

Thanks in advance.
CCKat on 11/03/2015, 09:07 AM - view
I, on the other hand, feel jealous when I see that outfit on males because that is exactly the look I want on my female characters (and actually the one I prefer irl too), without the obligatory high heels and tons of skin showing.

Lollll and that's why in most malls, 80% of the clothing stores are female oriented.
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How about black and gray checkered capri pants. Tank tops. Leather biker jacket. Samurai outfit. Astronaut outfit. Idfk, nurse outfit??? more ball caps. more glasses. headphones not for girls.

Also traditional male chinese/african attire. Like baggy and ornate.

We need more black and or red clothes. Is green even in the spectrum?

Maybe a bowler hat?

It's not hard to come up with ideas. I have lots if u want and I can design them too if u want.. for emp
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M0z1ll4 on 11/03/2015, 08:38 AM - view
Sure would be nice to see more Cosmetics for males , but the thing is that probably easier to make outfits for girls ^^ ( Like ideias , for example )

But what would you want to see in the male Comestic ? What kind of Outfit ?
Always good to leave ideias in the posts , maybe they (EnMasse) also like it and add it

Never lose hope ^^

Ok that's fair.. but i'm the one with the money. If they'd like to hire me LOL i'll work for EMP.
congrats :)
Six months ago I remember hearing that while there was nothing in the immediate future for males coming up, there was eventually something coming. I do like the denim and sweater outfit but then I look at all the stuff that's come out for girls since then and I can't help but feel a bit jealous.

Anyways, my question is, will we be seeing one or two more new cosmetics for males within the next few months?
Wanto on 11/02/2015, 05:16 PM - view
Everyone but like Slayer is doing well. Zerker has alot of mobility now with evasive roll, the dash skill they got and dash along with more instant skills in D-stance. Warrior has more damage with good lockdown potential. Sorc has their stupid 7 second stun and Archer is still Archer and is an overall good choice.

Ohh thanks, since I already have an archer maybe I'll jump right in with it.
ILikeTeddyBears on 11/02/2015, 05:15 PM - view
Honestly, warrior is pretty OP in PvP and it's not gender locked. Not much has changed besides some class changes and some loot buffs. They added some dungeons and that's pretty much it.

Thanks for the tip. Why are u getting so many downvotes?
I remember why I left six months ago, and that was because kTERA is ages ahead of us, and there were no (major) lancer buffs on the horizon. It would be faster to just level a different class to cap and gear it, than to wait for the patch that makes lancer a legitimate contender again.
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