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I thought this thread would go away by now but here it still goes. I'll chime in.

OP has dumped hundreds of dollars into this game. This thread serves two purposes.

1) The OP wants to solidify his personal status as not a person who has paid to win, but a person who has won in a game that is not pay to win

2) The OP wants to justify investing more money than he should have into this game by convincing himself and others that paying to not win is just merely showing your support for the company.

Let me tell you something OP

This game is very much pay to win if you are a new comer. Not so much pay to win as it is pay to expedite winning. You're looking at months of farming just to get 100 dollars worth of gold at 1:14.

With that said. EME is very generous with their pay to win, or at least are very good at making it look that way, and very good enticing you to shell out money for basically overpriced intangible goods.
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Hyperica on 02/12/2015, 07:50 AM - view
Of course!

By "male" you meant "elin" right

Half-Life 3 confirmed?
Sad face. I'd love to see my Aman in a kimono..

Or maybe a Kimono for the new all-male samurai/double gunner class...

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Just curious.
AchilliesFroste on 02/10/2015, 11:16 AM - view
En Masse plz T.T Don't pull an Archeage on us and be down for 48 hours!

EME > NCSoft x 1,000,000
^ Food of champions, or at least the champions of chins-many.
Snowbunnie on 02/10/2015, 11:06 AM - view
Father tonka does this patch include the new guild stuff that was mentioned? i also heard the 65 gear was getting a buff
Maintenance =/= Patch. I think the content patch youre thinking of is on the 24th
Where I live it can go to -37 before windchill in the winter, and +37 in the summer before the humidex.

In fact in the early 1900's there was a heat wave that melted train tracks and baked the fruit on trees here.

KarmaSutraMaster on 02/10/2015, 11:00 AM
Awoke at 6 am, it was about 35F outside. got dressed. Got in my truck headed to the river. Caught a few really nice rainbow trout and a couple Brown Trout. got home cleaned them. lightly breaded pan fried trout with fresh cut hashbrowns, rye toast with home made strawberry preserves, and about 1/2 a gal of orange juice. it was a good morning. now am all showered, dishes done and ready to log in!

A mountain / country life for me!!

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inb4 11:01 wtfs