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Another day to look forward to queue times. Debating if I want to play at all really. I've been procrastinating on what should have been my procrastination (TERA).
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Yithar on 05/11/2015, 10:11 AM - view
You're probably going to wait a long time

This makes me really sad. I have a lot of love for EME, and I give them lots of praise on other gaming forums when TERA comes up. But I'm really losing my patience.
Discolips on 05/11/2015, 09:48 AM - view
working as intended. This is their way of weeding out the casuals. happened with reaper and then everything balanced out for the better.

Something tells me weeding out casuals isn't their intention.
I wish I was here for treeshark's AMA :(
If I could just buy the pvp gear I would lol..

I feel like I'm stuck. And losing motivation fast.

Why do I feel like the gear I see on the AH is really posted by enmasse lol and this bottleneck is really intentional :^)
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soggynuts on 05/11/2015, 09:19 AM - view
You don't.

I.. see..

-Working as intended
When you can't get any FWC parties because nobody queues, when it takes 15 minutes to queue for CS, and you get a 10 minute cooldown because people dodge in kuma.
I'm sorry but if you're new to the game, and you roll on a PvP server, and can't figure out how to change channels.. to the point where you're just going to quit.. does the community really want you here?
Maybe instead of taking the time to ban people for PKing in a PVP MMO, you could have taken the time to to tell the people in the area to change their channel lol.
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Mindstormer on 05/10/2015, 11:00 AM - view
I don't know why people don't want to play as kumas, I have do 3 kumasylums today and were placed in the kuma team all 3 times and also won all 3 games. If you can just get your team to listen and kill the healers it's pretty easy to win as kuma.

I win pretty much every time i play kuma side
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