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Funny story, I came across a pair of gankers hugging the safe zone and tag teaming folks coming off the pegasus, but when the tide turned when a group of guys went after them, they hid at the edge of town and then proceeded to QQ about unfair fighting against them. Heh heh...
Beautiful ambush in that first video, I gotta try that shiz next beta with my guild.
Zotarn on 03/23/2012, 05:00 AM - view
$5-10 dollars, thats a bucket of beer that I will never get back!!!!

I'd like to see some helmets. I don't even care if they're just for aesthetics and have no stats at all.
I think the MMO-FO is hilarious >.>'
I should join this guild out of principal. Those videos made me lol. XD
Can't stop laughing at this...
[quote name='Halfsloth' at='03/15/2012, 04:12 PM'][/quote]

I made a black character (I seriously think I'm the only one that did, like every game I play -.-'). After playing with the face sliders a bit, he came out just fine to me. But, yeah, they need more options for different human races or somethin.[/quote]

I made my Berzerker black, Terry Tate Office Linebacker baby WOO![/quote]

Sweet, I don't feel so alone now.

So how many secretaries have you tackled today Mr. Tate? Cole Train ftw lol...