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I love PvP so I rolled on a PvP server. I'm pretty sure most people who rolled on a PvE server did so they would not have to deal with any form of PvP, consentual or not. I'm pretty sure if Vanarchs get the power to enable some sort of non consentual PvP on a PvE server, lots of PvE'ers will be trolled hard and rage quit even harder, since their safety net (PvE server ruleset) is now gone. I know tons of folks that like to grief and gank on PvP servers for kicks, it's the name of the game. I'm totally sure if they would be able to do it on a PvE server, where the outrage will be much louder (and more fun), they would and lots of subs will be canceled soon thereafter.
I have a human male, amani female and a popori kitten with cute floppy ears. The best butts to stare at from all three worlds. (especially aman big butt in metal thongy thongs)
Funny story, I came across a pair of gankers hugging the safe zone and tag teaming folks coming off the pegasus, but when the tide turned when a group of guys went after them, they hid at the edge of town and then proceeded to QQ about unfair fighting against them. Heh heh...
Beautiful ambush in that first video, I gotta try that shiz next beta with my guild.
Zotarn on 03/23/2012, 05:00 AM - view
$5-10 dollars, thats a bucket of beer that I will never get back!!!!

I'd like to see some helmets. I don't even care if they're just for aesthetics and have no stats at all.
I think the MMO-FO is hilarious >.>'
I should join this guild out of principal. Those videos made me lol. XD