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Hi, you should head off to the new forums and ask the question there.
Which implies you should fix your drivers first. Update and look for missing ones. I don't think BIOS would cut out integrated gfx so much that system would not see it at all. One way or another go check your BIOS settings.

Also, have you tried playing in windowed mode?
Also, try disabling firewalls and windows defense for a moment.
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Noun 1. trade good - articles of commerce
commodity, good
Noun: trade good
A raw material or product that is bought and sold commercially in large quantities
- commodity, good
trade good
(articles of commerce)
commodity, good
Well f*** me for believing first 5 definitions i'd found in google.
I'd laugh my a*s off if you had forgotten to set gfx to dedicated.
(or better, find a better game)
Ehm .. yes .. what? I wasn't asking a question. I was stating amusement.

Do you know any trading goods that are not profitable to sell?


And figures depicted as above dont cost a fortune

Afaik they can. Maybe for someone for whom swipping is as natural as breathing it's not a fortune.
But that's not the point anyway.
With 2k ava. players NA (i'll bet that steam part is a crushing majority) it's surprising to see those could be profitable.
Yes, i know it's from Asia.
To think it's profitable for someone to produce those. I bet it costed a leg and an arm.
Sometimes i start to wonder whether EME may actually know what they're doing in some areas but then i go and watch their stream and get reminded that they don't even know how tera looks like from other perspective than physically standing near the server.

Other that that, just how boring can you make the stream, wow. Loli is sitting there so high on drugs he's mind so distant he's in another place. Not helping with the chat at all. Spacecats trying to tie it all up but he's so preoccupied with killing the mob no. 100000001 he wouldn't notice if the building was on fire. He's so overwhelmed by playing the game it looks as if he never done it before. And entire chat is just cringing hoping to get the codes and be out asap. Ridiculous.
You must be one special snowflake, arent'ya. Going on about how everyone that disagrees with your little story must've misunderstood you and has to be brain dead, even though they did perfectly understand. But when you don't understand something, then it must be wrong, stupid and surely has to be trolling. Carry on my special snowflake.
Truly you must be new yourself if that's new to you.

Besides, LoT when i was leveling even for those few precious run was incredibly fun.
"Please pick up the loot", "Please pick up the loot", "Ok, now use your potions", "You didn't puck up any? Oh well at least don't stand in the middle", "Don't stand in the middle", "Don't stand in the middle" - "Omg dude why u no buff (ノ°Д°)ノ". Puff, 4man down "whaaaat, what happened :O?" res, res, res, res - "Please don't stand in the middle", "Please pull him to the side", "Please come here" - Puff 4 man down, res res res res, "Omg why am i running in circles".

I used to genuinely prepare some popcorn just for that in advance.