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Some persons could interpret that in Arborea "Cute" and Kawaii" is the new "I read Playingboy for the Articles"

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Zeratok on 04/08/2014, 10:57 AM - view
-change loading screens to include lots of reaper pics
-that stupid popup when you load in? make it an infomercial about reapers
-do a few trailers, both jp and kr had reaper videos (both even had a cgi and a gameplay video.. 2 videos!) showing gameplay in your test server. you dont need all the skill names translated or even the new starting area translated to do this, bring the reaper into an already translated lv60 region (bastion?) and go beat up a monkey.
-show some ctrl-z no hud pictures (no text) of untranslated areas (reaper tutorial) with your bait /sitting on a rock overlooking something scenic. add ecchi for more traffic.
-lore bomb us! we get all these little news updates and things like the april fools news post. you could do some about the reaper and why they are even coming out or what they bring to the game.

This. Please. Reapers everywhere. Elins on every screen, on every load.


Take out ads in every MMO gaming website - feature the Elin only class. Make sure to feature the new Elin only customizations too!

On every loading screen. Make sure every player notices that Tera = Elin Reapers! They keep forgetting! Please, remind us!

i KNOW! Zone -wide loud chimes every hour on the hour and on every log in the Eline reapers are coming!
Common sense becomes uncommon in an echo chamber.
In all fairness. I think the kid may be referring specifically to this page:


If you're a video game player, chances are that you are more attracted to pictures than you are to squiggly inconvenient, unappealing sequences of monochrome etchings commonly referred to as words strung in a sentence.

The page is full of the glowing samples of the weapons -only.

It would avoid confusion if both the glowing versions and ghetto versions were pictured side by side and labeled with their appropriate names.

I will admit, when I first saw the page I went "weeee! dope warrior weapons!!!!111" Thankfully, due to my prior experiences with the ice weapons I remained skeptical and investigated a bit further. I'm sure the OP is simply learning the same lesson out of this.

For what its worth EME could also be more transparent with the way they promote the thing in that page. In pretty pictures and not just in pesky words. Just tossing that out there. No biggie.
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Good . . . good . . .

I've long been hoping for the opportunity to cover up my character's unsightly a ss
In those character animations I saw the exact same animations from Combative Strike, Leaping Strike, a slow mo of Torrent of Blows and possibly a variation of Vortex Slash with a special effect flair added to it. I clearly can see how BHS could not have cut corners the same with other races too. Not.

The creepy lolis do have new hairstyles and eye customization options. Bravo.

I do hope to see BHS reap bounties of whatever crop they are seeding from this conceived idea.

Oh, you!
You know what would be nice.

If this was all Elin only class is just a bad corny dream, and it turns out this new class simply uses the same model skeleton and animations of Elins . . .

but actually uses an updated model that looks OF CONSENTING AGE.

Obviously, there's new hair and tail models for the freaks, that much is obvious.

Didn't they put up that Elin poster in their Japan 2 year anniversary page with grown-up bewbs? it can happen.
It's tough from that picture because she's using eye-frames, a hat, and a hairdo that covers 1/3 of the face. Also her breasts appear reduced, even though it's not a swimsuit -appalling.

The skin shade is great.
The lips you'll have to resize both in thickness and less wide, possibly a bit in the gape as well.
The nose leave untouched.
She does not appear to be wearing any facial adornments or earrings.

What you should do, if you haven't already, is "create" a draft character and play in the facial sliders settings until you reach the sweetspot. Then write down all the numbers in each slider and each choice. Then take the draft toon to island of dawn to test under "sunlit" conditions, then in the shade. If it passes muster then log out, delete it, go back to your main and do a character recustomization with the values you wrote down.