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If the players want to "hide" from the GvG/PvP by not staying in channel 1/2 then you make fun of them and they will have their server reputation ruined. You win the internets gg.
Go level up..later zones only have 2-3 channels.
What the hell are you talking about? Do you really think that many people are buying gold to "win" at enchanting? My god the amount of junk gear I have is OVERFLOWING in my bags. I can't find enough enchantable gear to throw it all at. You're what..in your 30's right now? Go level dude seriously, stop worrying about things that don't even affect you yet. Any gear you'd get now would be replaced every 2-4 levels.

Btw, everyone knows the best way to get your account hacked is to buy gold.
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Tarjan on 05/07/2012, 02:03 PM - view
Double plus (++rec) Zerker for solo'ing bams.

I played all the classes throughout the Betas and Zerker was by far the easiest and most powerful solo-BAM class.

Just spend the 15g every tier to get the superior axe that has 25% more block on it than the rare, and you'll take zero damage from the BAMs when blocking. 10% run speed boots help a lot as well. Glyph mindspark for mana return when you block.

But once you know the fights you won't be blocking much (only when you need mana), you'll be spinning them around with your spin manever (like 8second cooldown iirc) and smashing them from behind, and running around them during their "special" attacks and critting them for 60k.

It got so easy in the 40s solo'ing Naga BAMs on my zerker i started doing two at a time. Probably one of the best experiences in the game is solo'ing two BAMs at once. Watching them kick the snot out of each other is laugh out loud funny. They knock each other down regularly and you jump in with a leaping strike 17k crit.

Good times! Zerker all the way.

You'll make so much cash soloing BAMs that you'll have 1000+gold at lvl 45, even after buying every superior armor / weapon you need on the broker.

Thank god someone has a clue.
Oh hey you found your enter key, good job. I didn't sling insults, I stated facts. Maybe you're just a bad zerker and don't know how to play the class well? I don't know. If you're having such a great time on a warrior stick with the warrior but I'm sorry there's nothing wrong with zerkers solo'ing BAMS with ease.

I've been soloing BAM's since Basilisks, never had an issue. Vampire hit isn't going to magically heal you in one shot, you shouldn't need to constantly use it anyway, it's to recover from an unpredictable move by the BAM/a mess up. If you hit a target within 3m range you get a double lifetap instead of a single heal. The TS glyph comes pretty early as well and cyclone is still useable once you learn when you have the 4-5 seconds to charge/play the animation in a fight.

Oh and I understand the concept of a paragraph, it starts with a tab indentation, an opening sentence followed by at least 4 sentences on the topic. Yours is just a rambling wall of garbage asking for some spacing. I could be wrong though, 2nd grade English was like 20+ years ago.
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Prolixitasty on 05/07/2012, 01:14 PM
AeroCode on 05/07/2012, 01:12 PM
Well thats good to know, what didn't they like about them? +1 to Warrior then

Clicking the Class Thread will provide a plethora of answers. Zerkers are also very good.

But, have you considered what, besides BAMs, you'd want to play the game for and enjoy doing? I mean, it doesn't end there.
The problem with zerkers is your ability to avoid damage relies heavily on having enough block on your axe to mitigate all the incoming damage. Leveling up you'll find several level ranges where you WILL take damage through block simply because you don't have a topline weapon or the weapon you need has a higher level requirement then you currently are. This is when slayer archer and warrior have the advantage since they completely avoid damage rather then soaking it. As for the berserker self heal what the other post neglects to mention is that the heal is a small drop in the bucket. At lower levels when you have about 8k Hp your self heal will total maybe 1k which isn't enough to overcome the damage done by one hit. Zerkers also have the problem that max dps requires some charging which slows your movement greatly. Meanwhile a warrior doesn't have to worry about charging hits and they end up having a similar self heal. The charging of skills matters less on an archer because you're eat a distance already so you have room to move and charge.

Do a dungeon/buy a blue axe...not an issue..also see vampiric strike..zerkers are stupidly easy to solo BAM's with, probly the fastest kills too if you crystal right. 55-60k crits say Hi.

Also any non braindead zerker will have TS and LS glyphed for no movespeed penalty so movement is not a problem.

It is apparent that you have zero idea what you are talking about in regards to zerkers..

It is also apparent that you do not know where your enter key is on your keyboard..
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Nah, Zerker is the easiest.

Block is so forgiving and easy to use

Big shots from the back

Vampire hit does some solid healing later, currently at 54 if you hit it at point blank, you gain a double heal and I get about 7-8k of health off it. Great for coming back from screw ups

Plate armor to mitigate damage you might take the most and get knockdowned less when they get frisky and start trampling alot for odd reasons instead of sticking to attack patterns.

I've solod pretty much every BAM type out there up to my current level of 54, able to beat them all(some take longer though). Average kill time is usually 6-9 minutes a BAM. Depends on their attacks/speed/model size(I really hate the big 2 armed cyclops guys, their model is stupid to get around.)
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vsTerminus on 05/07/2012, 11:40 AM - view
Novel idea:

Without leaving your sane Area-Chat-Free tab, type in a message like this, replacing the [fields] with the proper info.

/a [Your Class] Looking For [Classes you need to complete your party] for [Dungeon you want to run]

You will either receive a party invite or a bunch of messages from other players who want you to invite them.

It takes about 30 seconds during peak hours and maybe a couple of minutes during slow periods.

You must be a tank or a healer, DPS can sit around spamming LFG all damn day.
I don't know if everyone is purposely not using LFD, or running only with guildies or what..but I was queued up for THREE dungeons at the same time last night at 53 as a zerk and still didn't get a dungeon for over an hour. Taking into account this is cross server LFD and I don't know if that's a bad sign or what.

I know not everyone is rushing, but I'm only 54..I see plenty of people around my level so I'm not that far ahead of the masses.
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Cyborgschatz on 05/07/2012, 09:20 AM
While I don't feel like every World Boss needs to always drop a blue or gold, it would be nice if they dropped at least an assortment of greens, or crafting mats or maybe tokens. If you're going to guarantee great loot dropping every kill then you need to increase the respawn timers to where a world boss fight is rare.

If bosses are on shorter timers then you can't have it drop a great piece every kill unless you make that piece bind on equip. But that doesn't mean that when it doesn't drop a gold or blue you should get nothing. When a boss drops nothing (or nothing but a couple white pieces) it puts a sour taste in your mouth, soon you end up skipping trying to kill any special boss or mob since you'll figure it's just a waste of time, which takes part of the allure of the game and makes it seem like it's pointless.

Like anything in a game there needs to be a risk vs reward with enough incentive to make players feel that it's worth the effort you put into it. I personally like to test myself vs BAMs when I get quests for them, especially if the quest only requires me to kill 1-3 of them to get the exp reward from it. But I know other people that completely skip them since they feel as though they'll be able to get more exp faster by simply skipping the BAM quests and going straight to the normal mob and storyline quests. My enjoyment of testing my mettle against a BAM solo is enough initiative for me, but not others.

The difference with Boss BAMs is that they are usually a bit harder and have nothing but perhaps a guild quest associated with them. Even if they had a small % chance to drop an amazing item, from levels 1-40ish you level so fast that really grinding/working hard for any item is more trouble than it's worth. Once you get up around 48+ leveling pace slows down a bit to where an enigmatic weapon is good enough to warrant enchanting it to +6 or so since it might last you for a while.

So if the boss is at least bloated with green level loot with a small chance of a good blue or gold then they can at least salvage some gear to use as enchant fodder or the like.

This ^^^^

BAMs should always have a good loot, that is what risk vs reward is for.

And normal mobs should always have a loot.

Return loot as it was on the first day of pre-order.

Playing tera is not that fun at all at this point.

They won't because:

1. They're not that risky, if it's soloable it's not going to have great loot all the time.

2. They are plentiful and respawn stupid fast. This would completely destroy the economy and gear acquiring if they upped the loot drops. This is in regards to BAMS.

World Bosses will have slightly less chances to drop loot because they have decent respawn timers and with multiple channels, a group can just channel hop and kill the same boss multiple times over and over and over.

Stop complaning so much and go level.
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