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Zyzzyx Lvl.65
Ascension Valley (PVE)
Elin Mystic
Continuing theme...) Double debuffs. Mb help someone)
Mystic: Fate of Arun: Phase 2 and 3

Skill Changes:

Volley of Curses
Increased endurance debuff duration from 12 to 16 seconds
Player will no longer be in combat when using this skill

Arun’s Vitae
Increased HP recovered through Glyph of Restoration from 15 to 20%

Titanic Wrath
Reduced MP consumption by half
For your own party (raid), Titanic Wrath III will overwrite Blessing of Shakan II

Arun’s Cleansing Touch
Increased passive lock on by 1
Caster will also be cleansed upon skill use

Thrall of Life
Greatly increased KD / stun resistance
Thrall of Life XIII’s HP increased by 100% and movement speed increased from 224 to 240

Thrall of Vengeance, Protection and Wrath
Increased the attack power, equivalent of Titanic Wrath III, of the following thralls: Protection, Vengeance, and Wrath. Therefore, Aura of Merciless will no longer apply to thralls

Glyph Changes:

Arun's Vitae (Level 60)
[Points: 2] [Master Glyph] Restoring Arun's Vitae: Immediately restores 20% of total HP. (Increased from 15%)

Noctenium Changes:

Contagion: Noctenium Infusion increases skill duration by 20%
What about UPgrade Arun's Vitae?
Omg ... I use reset scroll for what ... Can give notice, like yellow letters on all screen ,,,,,,,, TY !
Honestly ... I was already starting to annoy TERA NA because of continuing problems with ping, unplayable around week ...

*Their engineers have to be exiled too as and the European...
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Event will be repeated? =====================)))))) For those who missed or want more)) xd
What's happen with ping after the event start? After 9:00 am (PDT) ping around 600 - 1000 + ......