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We are in a decent spot atm. Not as strong as the 3 new classes but if you know what you are doing you can get good results. You just have to really know your class and the match ups. You can do well in all 4 battle grounds. The typical "styles" are stagger locking, kd combining and trying to stun lock. Our stuns are our weak spot actually because their duration is rng and compared to other classes they are short. Overall it's like the other vanilla classes, you have to really know the class to get great results.
Get riven and kisky in here and we have basically every slayer in here lol. We all play a little differently but personally HT feels almost like a trap skill to me. Long wind-up and long animation lock for a hopeful crit that is basically as powerful as an ohs crit. But you have to use several glyphs for it, preventing the use of other useful glyphs.
Ilyphia on 05/02/2016, 11:13 AM - view
You should be able to land a point blank Heart Thrust if your model is already "colliding" with theirs during the cast animation. Being 2 or 3 meters away usually results in a miss unless you're Aman. not sure about other races

The closer you are the more you need to adjust your aim up and to the right. There really isn't any reason to miss at any range as long as you know where to aim.
Sykeeee on 05/02/2016, 10:10 AM - view
Srsly man i was trying ktera slayer combo was so sad that my kick is like .4 secs too late to pull it off

Oh I know! I saw that and immediately was jealous! Rngesus has to love us and give us the long stun duration on the backhand :c
Fun seeing combos that we couldn't do with our ping. But damn some of it is cringe worthy. Especially the reaper play.
Sawao on 05/01/2016, 08:56 PM - view
This has been a problem since VM4; if two players on the opposing team leave party in 3's by kick or dropping, it causes insta-draw, causing rating loss for both parties. Can Enmasse please correct this so elo isn't affected by it? It's pretty annoying to get queued in after god knows how long to just lose rating without even playing a match...

^Agreed. And while I haven't seen it in a while, I know there were several people who were abusing it if their rounds went south on them.
I don't recommend vm5, since it's actually cheaper and easier to get vm6 than vm5 now since the mats are in the PvP merchants.

No one really knows what is best yet but the one thing everyone agrees on is vm7 weapon is best. There is a tentative consensus that vm7 other than the weapon is trash in PvP as well. If you really don't know which to pick or you don't want to +15 gear because of finances, the new pvp gear coming out should be able to give you a fighting chance in PvP and it only enchants to 12.
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Sawao on 05/01/2016, 01:09 PM - view
Yes, this is true initially. However, the pvp damage reduction on the boots have been removed and placed on the chest, making it on par with other pvp chests again. But +15 Starfall will still be on par with +15 VM7 due to the rolls the new gear doesn't have.

That just means the shining boots will be trash and SF chest will still be slightly better, so it's better to have SF on both for the bonus.

And basically everywhere ive looked people are saying vm7 is trash for PvP other than weapon. It's gonna be a weird patch for PvP no matter what :/
If you are having trouble landing HT there are 2 things you can do to hit much more consistently.
1.) Don't use it point blank, almost all races(except I think Aman?) have a bad dead zone if you are too close so position yourself at least 3 meters away.
2.) Aim up and slightly to the right more. If you are aiming at another player, aim towards the right part of their hp bar.

You should see an improvement in hitting then.
Orcanaria has some damage test info on his Twitter. That's the best data I've seen anyone scrape up about it. And I've evem tried asking story about it.