Hirakun's Post History

Hey I'm not in any of those pics either *RAGE*

Although i do remember all those events lol great times with the guild :D
hey hey hey... that hasn't been fully confirmed yet! It's only speculation right now lol. But if u do see Kat.su you may wanna run...
Welcome Back :D

And yes...please stick close to those safe zones, never know when theres a +12 T14 Archer lurking around ;P Mwahahahaha!
looks like most ppl got what they wanted :)
Yep got Hiraishin :)
LOL omg they're taking OVER!
HAHAHA!! Thats awesome.
i'd LOL so hard if i saw a popori struggling to get up like a turtle.
i'll agree ethanol is a great source of fuel LOL not so sure about the human body tho :P