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Hey I'm not in any of those pics either *RAGE*

Although i do remember all those events lol great times with the guild :D
hey hey hey... that hasn't been fully confirmed yet! It's only speculation right now lol. But if u do see Kat.su you may wanna run...
Welcome Back :D

And yes...please stick close to those safe zones, never know when theres a +12 T14 Archer lurking around ;P Mwahahahaha!
I'm talking about you constantly harassing Blossym in-game about every little negative thing aimed at you and your guild when most the time it has nothing directly or semi-directly to do with RoE or Blossym personally. If you have a problem, I have a suggestion...HANDLE IT!!
Distar for effing christ sakes, please stop crying all you ever seem to do is whine, WHY does it matter why Avid GvG'd your Alliance. It's a PvP game and your on a PvP server, you're doing a piss-poor job of leading a PvP oriented guild, I've never seen someone go around crying and asking others to handle your business this much....
Also the votes we(RoE) paid for were AFTER we had already passed Thirsty, so to answer your question correctly we didn't pay for any votes to pass them.
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madslayer99 on 04/16/2012, 04:04 PM - view
Hello RoE. I just quit SWTOR not to long ago and decided I was going to play Tera. After reviewing many guilds on JC, yours peaked my interest. I was wondering how many active members you estimate you'll have? Also, what are the availabilities of class numbers? So far my preference is to play a Slayer, Warrior, Archer in that order.

I'm happy to report we're currently open to all classes, as for active members we have slightly over 80 at the moment and growing :)
RoE will be on Jagged Coast as well:

Reflections of Eternity: Hiraishin, Blossym, Blayde, Mayhem

Hardcore PvPvE


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looks like most ppl got what they wanted :)
Yep got Hiraishin :)