Hirakun's Post History

looks like most ppl got what they wanted :)
Yep got Hiraishin :)
LOL omg they're taking OVER!
HAHAHA!! Thats awesome.
i'd LOL so hard if i saw a popori struggling to get up like a turtle.
i'll agree ethanol is a great source of fuel LOL not so sure about the human body tho :P
the video contest ends after CBT 5 i believe so you still got time :)
Ty :) Blossym has worked very hard on it and so we're always glad to hear ppl take an interest in it.
Ty for the bump Crosbie, but Redsands is right. En Masse has stated that they dont want ppl to just simply post things in threads to "Bump" it as silly as that sounds. So we have been trying to keep some sort of conversations going, if you feel u dont know what to add to it for the Bump just try starting a new one or a simple shout out to the guild :)