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We were curious and had issues so my friend whose a slayer with a priest and me a Lancer did some testing on the 2 different types of PvP Zyrk. Here is the thing , we were always curious why there's 2 types seems like Devs messed up, If your wondering 1 says Right Click on accessory wile the other doesn't . Well in dueling I noticed my friend that had Griefing with out the Right click seemed to desync like crazy. So we tested it and guess what the one without "Right click accessory" actually did make you desync more, especially it seemed on Haymaker for my friend and Leash. So just figured I would tell you. Get the Pristine Griefing/Indomitable Zyrk that says "Right Click Accessory you will not regret it. GJ again on bugs Tera.
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Gathering should not be a profession... Gathering is that: Gathering the resources off the wild to get the crafting materials, how can you make a profession out of what makes professions? It is a bit redundant..

Your right I didn't quite explain this. It was a developing thought. I meant more like being able to grow materials like a farmer could. But then I guess you would need your own personal space like soooo many other MMO's do (Hint: Ya I want my own Princess castle I can call my own "D )
So ya developing thought in review doesn't really pan out.
IMPORTANT: Tera Crafting Suggestion
Often overlooked and always taken granted for are the Crafter's of Tera. They are the backbone of Tera's economy and are over looked to the point I fear an eventual loss of interest or even worse a recession . Especially with the new update coming out the economy's gonna be fluctuating like crazy and needs a look at by management. First let me help you take note where in game functions have totally screwed over a lot of crafting professions. Most well known is the poor Armor and Weapon Crafter's. This profession got totally alienated by allowing anyone with no skill in the profession to craft all the high end Weapons and Armor. Granted you alienate everyone by not allowing this. To this end I have no answer except for the Dev team to get creative. Weaponcrafting has become almost completely useless. As for Armorcrafting it is now limited to oils, brooches, and odds & ends. OIt would be nice for exclusive stronger than most drops low level designs for armor and weapons. Adding a minimum and maximum sale price on the trade broker for items would help out here. Alchemy has taken a huge hit by allowing scrolls and nostrums lower than 7 to be purchased by NPC's. As for potions, elixirs, draughts and restoratives the release of Health Potions and Rejuvenations has made these pointless to make , except for mana derivatives. High ends like Heaven Elixirs are economically speaking pointless considering selling the materials makes you more money than producing unless RNGeesus crits. Etching is the only one not to be hit hard and is very profitable if you get lucky. This profession is mostly priced dependent on material prices. Where as gathering your own materials is more efficient production point wise this is tedious and mind numbing. Given RNGeesus tho mopst profitable it is most frustrating. Spending a week gathering and producing materials only for you to go 1/10 crits is exactly why they cost so much. Wanna complain make your own. The RNG on this needs to be looked at cause statistically its crazy 3/3 tier 3's then other days 1/10 tier 3's mathematically makes no sense. Still of all the professions this one could stay as is with no complaints from any etcher. New Etchings would be great though like pure speed YES. PVP Defense/Attack OMG YES. OP ... maybe. Lastly wheres the love crafting professions get no events except one to think of the Titan Bonaza which ended up in more deaths than titan ember/eases dropped. Also throw us a bone how about some gear that enhances speed, crits, etc for skill professions. Even a little be great, but please don't make it p2w all you would be doing is making the rich richer. Would definitely have to be hard earned not bought by EMP. And no not just gathering.
Suggestions: Best I have is creating a minimum maximum prices for items on trade broker this allows for a stabler economy and things making a little more sense. Take in account material cost, productions points, estimated supply to event driven in game circumstance demand. For instance Health Potions and Rejuvenations do far better than the homemade restoratives and draughts. Yet the supply from dailies makes it impossible for any competition by Alchemists. So maximum/minimum pricing comes into play for instance here price the minimum for the daily awared Rejuves and Healths to be priced at 100g minimum where as draughts and restoratives can be maxed price at 80g. See where I'm going with this.
Second, a new profession and well needed logical but why is it not? Cooking for all that is Tera why isn't this a profession. Making it event only denies the economy a well needed circulation of funds.
Third bring back Ghillies gold drops. Somehow somewhere a daily easy to access circulation of gold sponsored from the game itself is needed. This gives a baseline for the economy to stand on, keeps it circulated and not so heavily based on player ran trade. Granted yes a bot issue is obvious so get CREATIVE find a fix!!
Fourth and better not be last, suggest people suggest this will be run by DEV player communication to better this. MAKE GATHERING A PROFESSION. I seriously don't like gathering and crafting together its boring, no fun, tedious. Without those gatherers I'm left to grab my own so they are my favorite people and shouldn't be over looked. Gathering bonuses, exclusive skill to gather only certain items, maybe grow their own. I don't mean make it exclusive allow professions to gather to an extent their own stuff. High end or even crucial materials maybe not the most expensive , but ya you need so make it exclusive.
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I just got kicked during CS and servers down for me.
Hey all looking for people to hang with every guild I have joined isn't very social or no ones ever on. Currently a WAR bout to hit 34. Love the game, love PvP and would love to hang with some peeps. Send me a whisp @ Holychaos P.O. Box 13 2 Many Lane, Velika, Mount Tyranus 040200