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My dailies reset, but not my elite perks :
Is it just me or is this a known bug? I used my elite perks boast yesterday but they haven't refresh yet.
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synthypopz on 10/26/2012, 06:52 PM - view
I'm pretty sure I killed RoC stealing their vanarch mount in the last seconds of that election last month :teehee:

Haha, it'd be funny if that was the case. =p 95% of our core group has quit the game already waiting for B&S :(. I'm still around because of the friends I've made and because this game is free thanks to Chronoscroll!
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Well, my intention of mass recruiting back when TERA started was to obtain a Vanarch position without trying and that went quite well. That wasn't the sole reason of us obtaining a zerg though. It was so we can mass PvP with numbers against other guilds with big numbers. Sitting on the side line watching other big guilds fight makes me feel like [filtered].

I never really cared about what the public thinks about RoC~ I'm not going to deny the fact our guild was full of baddies, cause really, our guild really had a [filtered]load of them. Most of them are fairly nice people though. :)

Anyways, I do miss large scale fights with Aphotic and ePeens. Especially back in the CB days with Benny Lava and TFT.
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It's a shame there's no real purpose of GvG, but it was fun back then. :)
Just had our 15v15 GvG with Man Up tonight.

Match results:

Practice round: Man Up
Round 1: Man Up
Round 2: Man Up
Round 3: Man Up
Round 4: RoC
Round 5: Man Up

4-1 for Man Up

We got pwned. We're still looking for more organized GvGs for those who may be interested.
We're recruiting 2 dedicated Priest, a Mystic and a Lancer for late morning/early afternoon (PST) KN HM runs. We'll train you provided you learn mechanics quickly and have quick reaction time. You must also be dedicated in downing end game contents such as Shandra Manaya for QoAP2 no matter the cost and effort.

Please PM Hongie or Hongmie in-game if interested. (You'll be tested to see if you can dodge enrage BT HM laser) You must be full T13 enchanted to +6 or higher and have a decent quantity of Dark Matters and consumables.

*Note* - We're a PvPvE guild, so you must have interest in organized GvGs and the upcoming BGs.
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I'll be sure to contact you guys and set something up once we're interested in doing 5s.

Here's the video of RoC vs Uprising 15v15 on 7/26/2012


Practice round - Uprising
Round 1 - Uprising
Round 2 - RoC
Round 3 - Uprising
Round 4 - RoC
Round 5 - Uprising
Round 6 - RoC
Round 7 - RoC


The practice round and rounds 4-5 aren't in the video.
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RoC vs. Nerdrage 10v10 on 7/28/2012


Practice round - RoC
Round 1 - RoC
Round 2 - RoC
Round 3 - RoC
Round 4 - RoC


I'll upload RoC vs. Uprising 15v15 later.
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Warboss on 07/23/2012, 02:48 PM - view
How about just GvG Epeen and call it done?

Sorry, not interested in just declaring war and doing nothing but roam ganking. ePeens can just declare on us for that.

I'm looking for organized even numbered GvG fights set at a specific time.