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My dailies reset, but not my elite perks :
Is it just me or is this a known bug? I used my elite perks boast yesterday but they haven't refresh yet.
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This only occurs when you try to glitch the ball room. If you tank the Lancer boss near the gates attracting one of the ball throwers, you're glitching the ball room thus causing the Priest to reset randomly.
We got bored and decided to try BT HM with using a Warrior as a tank and a Lancer as a DPS.

Cool idea, but it's flawed system for large guilds and it's very easily abusable.
lol @ red glow. fking horrid
I've been receiving news people are getting automatically flagged as bot for grinding a long duration of hours. Is this true? I thought the rumors were a joke until the banhammer smacked one of us.

Repeatably killing mobs is the fastest way to earn gold and people are getting banned for it is rather silly.

Has this happened to anyone yet? Anyone's friend?
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I'm not entirely sure if out-leveling and ganking our "baddies" is something that is honorable lol
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wtb real gvg content

on the dock apparently http://www.rochq.net/images/media_screenshots/media_43.jpg
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Look at this hong guy

This is not acceptable Hansen-chan! This means war.

For some reason this sounds so disturbing.