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Slayer has mana problems even with potions/elixirs/infusion/dyads but damage-wise, slayer is pretty solid. Slayer just got a damage buff recently too.Slayer isn't as bad as people make it out to be imo. Except for heart thrust, it might send you flying through things or not hit things at all.
wtf fix this [filtered]
Honestly, I think its better just to run ET twice and get to level 60 quickly.
I love my lancer and that I can still use my WH lance to tank against my friends with +15 SF/Lucid stuff.
"I'm watching you....with my ears." - that one elin at Zulfikar Fortress
As someone with 4 priests and 3 mystics, go do any battleground with your own healer, people don't peel for you, people don't help you, they just expect [filtered] heals. People [filtered] talk healers for not being able to avoid [filtered] half the other team and blame them. People like you are the reason why I stopped even bothering to do battlegrounds on a healer.
Completely forgot that mystics didn't get 120 stam ress until FoA hit but still for the a glyph that does the same thing but costs more because its newer? Wtf.
Honestly, the only fix I can think of is just banning gunners and brawlers from every battleground.
While leveling my 4th priest to 65, I decided to grab 120 stam ress for it and then I realized I had extra VG credits and check out the 120 stam ress glyph for my 3rd mystic. The priest 120 stam ress is 1 glyph token for 300 vg credits but mystic 120 stam ress glyph is 3 tokens for 900 vg credits. Wtf is with this unfair treatment of mystics?