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Hello am welcome to the Karma guild recruitment forum thread. My name is Snow, and I am the leader of the guild Karma on the server Jagged Coast. We are a new guild created on the CB4 on the Friday it was first opened. Now we are a new and big formed guild. With over 50 members. And on the second page on the list of guilds page. We are proud to be writing this forum.

Snows Contact info
Server: Jagged Coast
IGN: Cuddlez
Skype: legiitxvenom
Temp Guild Site:


Q.) What is Karma about?

A.) Karma is a PvP and PvE guild of course. We are big on PvP and would like to do a lot of GvG against many large guilds on the server we chose on the launch of Tera. People will know our name and our guild symbol.

Q.) What about Vanarch?

A.) Yes I Snow will run for Vanarch of a big city. We will control that area and will have respect. And have a territory that we control with power and respect.

Q.) What will we do at end game?

A.) Of course help the lower level members get to their higher level. And even help them out on dungeons and 5 man parties.

Q.) Do you like Pancakes

A.) Very.

Q.) What about vent/mumble?

A.) Yes we will eventually get one of them to ensure that we all can communicate and be more better as a guild. But atm we are just using skype.

Q.) Will the guild carry over to the full release?

A.) Of course it will. Once the game comes out I am gonna take a personal day to get the guild set up on the first day. And have an officer make sure everyone is in the guild and myself I will promote everyone to their respected position.

Hope you all will enjoy our guild!!
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The Ellin cloth is disturbing. The plate version is cute though (except for set 2), I personally think the cloth should be at knee-length like the plate version. I personally *love* the cloth set for the female human (1 & 3 are my favorites), it doesn't seem overly sexual like the Castanic female (battle thongs anyone!?)

This reinforces the fact that I'm making a female human. Ellin would be cute for me if I didn't have to stare at her panties (gross?) and Castanic's look too......revealing (in -ALL- of their armor. No secrets here, move along). Buuut, as a girl player, I just want a nice looking, modest female toon. My options are slim in this game.

Tera online is a fantasy game. It's going to be like that. It bothers me that people want to change the game just because you can see the panties of a fictional character. And the fact that elins look about 9 but its the race they actually are older than you think. When you meet a NPC on Island of Dawn. You talk to an Elin NPC and she at least has the voice of a 40 year old or even 30 so basically everyone is just making a big fuss over nothing. If people are gonna complain about the game. Then please don't complain. And please don't complain on the Area chat since no one wants to hear c*** like that.
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This is my bored elin cuddlez. This is a small retouch as well. How is it done? e.e I need critics..

Also the guild leader of Karma and if you wanna join message me ;D

My Elin Priest at Island of Dawn helping some guild members of Karma on Jagged Coast. Song that goes along with the picture is this
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Get a watch
It is called a Fantasy game for a reason. If you don't like how a Castnic/High Elf/ Elin dresses. Go play hello kitty island adventures. And quit your nagging.
Sounds fun! I will be making a slayer or sorc to try out this new closed beta. As well as passing the time is play battlefield 3, and Amnesia the Dark Descent. And doing homework. I'm still excited for Tera I cannot wait until its official release
Who is getting ready for CB4 and or going to do this next CB4?! Or even do to make CB4 come here faster?
This was my first ever video I made with tera