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Its because your all [filtered]ets who the [filtered] dresses up in hello kitty game was ok (even with the retarted forced to play elin if ya wana be a reaper or the forced to play female brawler) not having the option to pick yer sex on a rpg is flat stupid sorry i dont wana roleplay as a 14 year old girl with my [filtered] hanging out soposed to be a game not porn for underage kids you petafiles
the pvp server sytem sucks infamy is complety useless if yer not 65 or play with a bunch of friends you cant play on the pvp here its imposible! My time on pvp server 1-10 easy no pkers 10-15 lvl 65 sit outside the bridges of lumbertown and cresentia and one shot new players coming out of town to go quest. lvl 15 i stoped after about 30 deaths of trying to get one quest done and being one shoted by 65's or lvl 20 alts with best gear money can buy. 2 days on server not one time did i engage in pvp (being a fight open world or duel with a charecter of same lvl)
is this game made my chics or [filtered]s? why the [filtered] are the good classes forced to be female
and race locked i can see race locking a class if the lore is specific to that race but how the [filtered] are there any elins if theres no males theres lessiban elians but no males....