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Hey man,

I am (kinda) obsessed with this gunner named Chicken Salad, because he is so god tier that it's scary. On his youtube channel he has plenty of videos of him kicking [filtered], and he has also posted a guide. There's even a video of him in DS uppers getting 1.72mil damage each second. I'll link his guide though, because seriously it has made me so much better at gunner and has increased my dps a lot. I don't follow it exactly but it has still helped.

Personally I run 4x crit green crystals, DN chest/boots, +15SF weap with Tier II power etch (I'm poor), +12 SF gloves with Tier II crit etch (still poor), empowered brooch w/ crit rolls, and 3x Corvette 2x Galley jewelry. I was originally running 3x Corvette 2x Edge, but I was critting so often that I decided to test out more power and less crit to see how it was, and I haven't gone back. So really just play around with different builds and see what works for you! What happened to me was that I was building crit so much and was at +201 at a point but realized that it seemed pointless to add more when I was already critting everything! now I think I'm +159 and I crit pretty much the exact same as I did then.

In the guide, especially pay attention to his burst fire info. If timed correctly, burst fire can actually make sure ALL of your skills crit, no matter what. it's fascinating and awesome.

Guide here:

Good luck!!
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It definitely feels like less than 35%. Before the nerf it felt like I could usually get 2-3 rolls out of one attempt. Now it feels like it resets only about once every 7 or 8 times. I know I shouldn't complain because most classes don't get an i-frame reset, but still... I worked for a long time getting that 50% glyph and now it feels like a waste because now I don't reset all that much anymore, rip.
DEEPOWER on 05/03/2016, 02:06 AM - view
I got a brooch design out of Ghille right after they took gold drops out. They do, or at least did drop there. However, Ghillie is a worthless waste of time. I wouldn't recommend spending your time there.

It takes longer to reset instance --> go through teleportals --> and walk back to boss then it does to actually kill him for 3 mwa.

BRHM is probably your best bet. The problem is that they are Uncommon, so they auto roll if they even do drop. Ive only seen it once.

I got glove energetic III from ghilli the other day, but that's my first drop after running it 4x a day on four characters for the last month.

However, I do this to make it a lot faster: After I kill the boss and get the loot, instead of typing /reset, I just teleport back to the entrance and then before I port in I type /reset. That way, I don't get ported out to Velika and then have to use the scroll to get back to the entrance. It's just one less loading screen and makes everything just a little faster ^-^
I crashed earlier. Couldn't get the launcher to load up. Restarted computer and things seemed to be fine. Just crashed again, probably got kicked from my DS party (again - I got kicked at my first crash as well). Restarted computer, nothing. The launcher opens but won't let me log in or do anything with it. Can't even access Tera forums, help, news, store, etc. It just now FINALLY let me get on the forums. Just... agh.

Edit: They kicked me, rip. Even though the priest DC'd last floor and was gone longer than I was >.>
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Catorii on 03/03/2016, 11:14 AM - view
Someone on Reddit said you can cancel it with Final Reprisal. Tried it, and it works. Not really something you can use in a lot of situations because of the massive animation lock (can't backstep cancel FR), but at least if you're not being chased by something and won't be hit by a mechanic you can save your cooldown.

I have a feeling it's a bug more than actually intended, though, otherwise that's a really strange skill to pick to cancel a self heal.

This is both hilarious and helpful. Now sometimes when I'm bored in HW I start up Divine Respite, run around for a second, cancel it, and then do it again. Not sure why it's so enjoyable to do, but it is.
Obviously this has been super helpful in general but now that I'm more accustomed to my keybindings I don't miclick all that much. Either way, super helpful, so thank you!!
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Whelp. Heard about this so why not.
hullo it me. lookin' pissed off but it's the most recent photo I have of myself, rip. normally i don't look so mad :x

Guildies call me nic, short for nicole. Most non-guild players tend to call me Shy and that's p cool with me, man. true to that name I am usually really really stupidly shy and have trouble talking to people and making friends but I'm working on being more part of the community and learning things more!

I consider(ed) my main to be my priest, Shy.Kitten, but I don't play her as often as I used to because I have ridiculous lag and fps issues, as well as being in a new guild where my GM mains a priest so... ahaha.
Because of that and the lag that can make healing impossible some days, I've started playing a few other dps classes. kinda went from good at one thing to now someone that has a lot of classes and is kinda so-so at all of them, rip. Either way I'm a big noob when it comes to dps but i really am learning a lot and trying to get much much better!! That alone makes it worth logging in every day, because I really am determined to keep learning things and someday be ultimate asskicker extraordinaire.
have a nice day o/

~~ Also have been saving paychecks and I think I'm going to finally have an adequate computer by the end of this month. I'm super excited. That means that when I suck, it'll be because I'm actually trash (I am), and not because I'm just laggy trash. >:D ~~
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Yamanagi on 04/21/2016, 06:28 PM - view
Everytime I inspect those who spam "WTB HEALS" constantly, they're the ones who have 4 hardy crystals. There's a limit to how much stupid a healer can heal through.

this loool
Actually. For the first scenario, I think they blame tanks quite a bit too. "WHY DID THEY ATTACK ME YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE AGGRO YOU TRAP TANK" while the tank is TRYING to pull. If he's just running around making the mobs chase him, it should not be a goddamn surprise that attacking a mob makes it aggro you.

I haaaate when the tank is trying to pull mobs (for example, the mobs in KDNM/HM before Kalivan) and the dps start hitting them before the tank has gotten a chance to collect them all and gain aggro. Then they get assaulted and die and of course it's our fault as healers that you got hit by about 30 monsters all at once. Best part is, when that dps dies, nine times out of ten the mobs then come for the healer. Of course the tank usually will grab them in time but not always. And again, it's the healer's fault. Similarly, there are some dps that charge in before the tank and try to be the tank by pulling them, and then of course die. Just... The tank is here for a reason, let them do their damn job. I'm not gonna sit at a boss and use my damage skills instead of healing. It's not my job in a party, and it is not the job of the dps to try to be the tank. If you're charging in because you don't want to wait or you're worried about time, I can promise you that it is much faster to wait for your tank to do it than to pull them yourself and then have everyone kiting and dying and potentially wiping instead of just cleanly dpsing into the backs of a group of mobs. You being selfish ruins it for everyone else. Stop. Pls
Zoknahal on 03/13/2016, 12:03 AM - view

I would like this to be done too, but under certain conditions. Gunner and Brawler both have an ultimate skill that has a 100% chance to crit, dealing massive damage. I suppose since brawler is more like a DPS tank, it got a powerful ultimate skill like Gunner.

What i mean is, each class should have its own ultimate skill, but it has to make sense with the role of the class. It wouldn't make much of a sense if you add a one shot skill for a healer in my opinion. Ultimate skills should reflect the role that each class performs.

Someone actually posted about a healer version of this a few weeks ago. I don't remember if it was here, reddit, or somewhere else, so ehh. But pretty much I think they said the ultimate skill they'd like for healing class would be some sort skill that cleanses all in the party while also replenishing a % of health and mana/ressing anyone that is down. Not sure how I feel about this, so don't shoot me if you don't like the idea. Just thought it was definitely... interesting, I suppose. I'll try to credit the person that came up with it, if I ever figure it out. I have a feeling everyone would feel kinda pissed about this though because it's "not fair", and it would definitely have to be disabled in PvP because the salt would be real. Can you imagine this in CS? Healers would be hated more than release-day brawlers.